The Change That We All Need – Insight on the Scenic Route to “The Journey of an Unraveled Road”

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Indigenous people were the first one’s to encounter this. As we all know what happened to them when America got taken over by Europeans. Which if you look at the history was established through manipulation, deception, and a hell lot of sin.

Frieda Lopez – Just How Big Is The Big Small World We Live In

The quotes listed are all from upcoming blog post, which turns out. Is another potential book which playing with the title has me liking “The Scenic Route to The Journey of an Unraveled Road.” Dissecting the book and re-reading it a year later, I realized that I grew a lot in the year of writing the book. Which made me realized that there was so much more I gained on this journey. One of the things that I realized was that my empathy and strength was by far one of the things that began to make me stronger as it made me see the positive and the negative effects of social norms. It made see realize that we all are all a stand still because of the entitlement of others. Which truth is I don’t feel it’s intentional as we all get misperceived by the things we think are truth. Which stereotyping is another we got conditioned to also engage in as a defense mechanism stemmed by fear. Which we have a right to feel. But like I was always told, there is a time and a place for it.

The comment she gained this stereotype from was, “As degrading as it is for me as this was told to me by my boss. Suppose I have to shake my ass to get the money to fight for justice. I will do it.”

Frieda Lopez – The Bad Behaviors in the Entitlement of Revenge

Stereotyping is a natural fear reaction that we get. If you have pets or see Animal Planet, you tend to see the documentaries of how animals avoid certain dangers once they see the dangers. Which makes human nature both advance and foolish as humans don’t know when to quit. As the emotions that we attain, come from our super ego and the prideful vindication. Which is when we are in the face of danger or have been harmed, we become victims. Which if you think about it, is a learned observation on how to get what we want when we want it. Which thinking about it in this mindset; you begin to see the behaviors that in turn are intentional acts of victimhood to try to gain the gratification of feelings we somewhere along the line of not getting. Which is an adultery senes is manipulating someone in thinking you are in the wrong. That just leads to a breadcrumb of lies that in the end makes the person who’s cheating in the wrong. Because bottom line is if you were just transparent about your feelings and leave a situation that if you truly are unhappy, you wouldn’t be in the mess you’re in, now would you? With that being said, it leads to a behavioral pattern of additional acts of victimhood. As cause and effect always dictates in these situations. That defending the gray area on this act makes you entitled, as you are justifying that their is an exception as to why you’re justified. Which turns into excuses. Which in an opposing view, begin to belittle and gaslight the person’s idealism. Which now makes you officially part of the social problem we never get change on. Which when Karma comes to get you, well it’s the bed you lied in.

That regardless of all the doubt people had about hope and of me, I couldn’t back down. I was already too deep to retreat. And when those would say “You really think you can make a difference.” My simple reply always is “At least I am trying.” And “trying” is good enough for me.

Frieda Lopez – The Unkept Promises of the Perceptions of Public Perfection

Another thing that happens in this, is the act of bandwagoning. Which is an act of manipulation that is strongly based on scare tactics. Which those that are scared of the common things years, begin to side in a sense of false perception of protection. But another thing that gets revealed in this is no one is protected, as everyone begins to throw each other under the bus. Where those who are not scared result to extreme things. One idea is the idealism of freedom. Where in the most extreme cases of super ego, has people not only killing themselves in the process but taking the lives of others. Which cannot be misconstrued with other crimes. Which let’s not misconstrued me defending a gray area of taking someone else’s life. As I strongly believe taking the life is a sin that should always be avoided. Regardless of the sins, its the motives that determine where the sense of hopelessness comes. Does it come from a selfish act, where someone committing the sin in taking the life or someone else was for failed selfishness or failed personal gain. Or was it a misjudgment based on the danger the person posed. As after years of abuse, regardless if it’s physical, mental, or emotional is the only way they feel is the way out. Which if they worked on strengthen their power of inner self and love. Could have been avoided. But then again, if we all are selfish in a world where people don’t know how to achieve inner strength, how the hell do you find the solution. When the world is always gaslighting you, shaming you, and belittling your feeling or trauma by saying “There’s always someone who has it worst.”

That in the end when we gang up on someone who doesn’t want to see the light as they are not getting what they want versus what they need. In the end it becomes an unfair attack, which someone who’s able to inspire change; ends up in a bandwagon tactic to end up becoming an act of deception.

Frieda Lopez – Just How Big Is The Big Small World We Live In

One thing that also recently appeared is that we live in a basis of deception, manipulation, and the taking advantage of people’s vulnerability. As the weakest predator always preys on the vulnerable situation. Which this logic comes from Animal Planet. As it shows predators going after baby animals, wounded animals, and defenseless animals. Which those who claim to be the “strongest of the strong” are not. The thing that many animals have shown is compassion for one another more than humans. As in the forest fires that have occurred, has shown animals from there genomes and kingdoms helping out one another to safety. Which we have no disregard for other living creatures that lives beneath us in our eyes. From running over animals on the street for whatever excuse you tell yourself, to attempting to see them as pest when we build on top of their natural habitat. Which coexistence is key in living on this planet. As we just think about the what conveniences us more than anything. Which is a sign of lacking compassion and humility. As being humble consist of not thinking that we are more important than others. We tend to misjudge and assume too much. Which don’t feel bad about it, we all have. But what are you doing about it? Are you lying to yourself and occupying yourself to avoid the accountability? Or are you working to change it? Which in the end shows the true nobility of a person. Where diligence, self efficacy, and consistency show the true character of someones will and intention. What makes a person more noble is admitting their faults and apologizing for it. Which I don’t expect the world to read this and be like “I’m going to do this right now.” Because the truth of the matter is that it’s a fear of the unknown. Which is very common. we tend to stick our routine behaviors thinking it’s going to change and it doesn’t. Which we do the same routine the same way not seeing the change. Where if you would change it up a notch, you might see the change within yourself you alway wanted to see. Which if we are truly as influential as I claim we are, can change the world for the better. Because one thing that can never be taken away from me is hope.

Which “commoners” was a common name for those they used to belittle those in not so great situations. Which revealed something to me, if I am going to break the cycle, this behavior stops with me.

Frieda Lopez – The Bad Behaviors in the Entitlement of Revenge

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