The Dreams that Freak Me Out

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Did you ever have a dream that scared the living crap out of you. Or have those dreams that ended up coming true? As a kid, I use to get these dreams a lot as a child. Which one of the dreams that really came true to life was a dream I had, which I didn’t want to leave my maternal grandmother alone cause I was afraid of her getting assaulted. Which the next day after arriving to Dallas, TX on a vacation that my dad and his family went on, that dream came true. Which made me a little scared of dreaming anything that seemed like it could play in real life.

Today while napping, I recalled the dream that I had that scared the crap out of me. Which didn’t play any relevance to anything that i researched, but did take place in my city I moved from three years ago which was Houston, TX. The dream started off happy and joyful, which being back in Houston made me happy as I recall. Which I was picking up medications for my great aunt that I am caring for with cancer, staying at a suite, which had me say in the dream “I’m going to get your meds,” kissing my family and saying bye to my dog Lucas. I remember parking the car and don’t recall if it was an Ikea or a Target, which seems a little fuzzy to me. But remember hearing people screaming and running as I began seeing people running toward the crowd and people running away, which I ended up running away hearing gun shots in the background while trying to take cover inside a building. I remember once inside, I began to see some staff members running with artillery which had me wake up from the fear of what was about to happen next.

When I feel back to sleep, the same dream began to start where it left off, but finding myself in a church that later on I would run out of that was located a few blocks from the retail store. The scary part was that everyone wore mask, which means it would take place in the era of COVID. I remember while in the church, it housed many homeless people that seemed to be on some sort of drug, which had me attempting to deceive them in being a potential church member as I began to ask questions about the origin and religion. Which was Christian based, but believed in the horsemen of the apocalypse saying that they were doing God’s work. Which had the higher status members dressed elegantly while the commoners they called them were homeless, where the church gave them what they wanted to do these crimes in the name of God.

I write about this as it freaked me out and made me scared inside a little. As COVID has made people act irrationally, which I think the dream got stemmed when I read an article about the second wave of mental illness this pandemic has brought, since in fairness is a traumatic situation. Which may also have been induced by a horror movie I saw that a guest blogger wanted me to see for a movie review feature I want to include in future post. I share this to say “be careful all.” The pandemic has brought the ugly out of people and with the previous history I had, I pray to God, Higher Power, and the Universe that this doesn’t occur. Especially in the city I call my second home. Too many lives have been affected by this. Please be careful as I worry very much about my readers and everyone’s well being. We don’t need anymore traumatic events happening in this state of emergency this world is going through. Maybe those who have expertise in dream analysis can help me sort out something that I am not going to lie, kind of scares me deep down inside.

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Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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