Song of the Day

Blackway & Black Caviar – What’s Up Danger

The song of the day represents a lot of what I have gone through in my journey. Truth is that the main thing that we all face is fear. One of the things that I hear on both in the Hunger Games that is this election, is that “I refuse to live in fear.” But there is a fine line when it comes to this idealism. As bravery is what separates the righteous intentions in this battle. Where courage, being a sense of selfless act, where bravery is the act we do when we attempt to talk ourselves into facing a fear that low key when faced, we are not completely prepared for. It’s not about taking sides, which many of the threats and insults come when I defend myself’; it’s about great for everyone involved.

My journey started as a selfish act that turned selfless. As the fight I fight became not only mine, but everyone that was done wrong. Taking a leap of faith in the power I had within myself was just the starting point. Where seeing what I was truly capable of, and still having everyone’s best interest involved, became my calling. Knowing my true self in the face of adversity. Knowing who I was when attempted to make me into someone I knew I was, became my super power. Where no matter how much people scratch and claw to attempt to bring me down, will never work. Why? Because I already proved to myself what I was capable of accomplishing. No matter how much someone wants to downplay my effort. Truth is, at least I did it. At least I took a chance on myself. I proved to myself that I was more powerful than I ever imagined. And when faced with danger, my response will always be “What’s up Danger.” Which is why today’s song of the day is Blackway & Black Caviar’s “What’s Up Danger.” With the Miles Morales edition.