Song of The Day

Katy Perry – Swish Swish

When I began to realize that I had a power I never could imagine, this became my truth. In a world where people use their fear against us, thinking that it’s also one we carry. We fall into the same trap. One common opinion was “You’ll never get anywhere.” Which truth of the matter is I am good with where I am gotten so far. Because of one thing, the hard work, the consistency I showed myself, and many people who can relate. As the truth is we all been there before. With consistency comes determination. And in those engaged sin being able to identify the psyche behind those who deflect, makes me a unstoppable force that if reckoned with. In humble and an attempt to disengage the feeling of pride, becomes a force that will be the worst feeling. As when mutual respect is thrown out by the deflecting party, is forced to face the reality of the kind of person they really are. And if they ever decide to turn things around. I will still be there. As long as proven that those who caused harm are making a full effort to change, will be water under the bridge of course if they don’t cross those boundaries that is unforgivable.