Song of the Day

Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory

We feel alone sometimes which is normal, especially when we go through adversity. Which is why Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” is todays song of the day. Part of the things I’ve learned from writing is that we all make mistakes. Thus is why I included the things I learned in writing “The Psychology of the Seven Deadly Sins” as we all are not innocent. But in fear it’s hard to break from the chains as conformity is what caused us to get there. But know that you are not alone in it, as a nobody from San Antonio, TX broke the invisible chains I once shackled myself. Where I strongly feel that my come up is “everyone’s come up.” Being on the “edge of glory” and “dancing in the flames” is the reminder that when you decided to break free, I am right along side with you. If not physically, in spirit. As a reminder that you are “never alone.’