Song of the Day

Lady Gaga – Marry the Night

In this day in age, it’s easy to develop some sort of phobia, some sort of complex, some sort of mental illness, as the most common thing that keeps us from achieving the greatness that we want to see in ourself and the world is fear. The fear fo failure, the fear of shame, the fear of the unknown are the things that have us crack in the face of trauma. While many of us can’t escape the reality of things, we make our own reality to make the things we believe truth, which when the lie we make of truth rears it’s ugly head, we lose it all. Mental Illness is a common symptom in this burning world, where anxiety, depression, and moodiness becomes part of our character that stems from the unresolved issues of internalized feeling. Where belittiling this symptoms by those who have a illness themselves; narcissist. It becomes an act of attempting shame, which is the fear of being humiliated. When we lose it all, we have a choice. Throw our hands up in the air and play dead. Or start all over again. Which in the beginning of my journey was my motivational song to face the realities I didn’t want to see in the act of losing it all. Which seeing the finished painting of my demise, makes my Swan Song on this journey of helping those in the face of shame, belittling, and humiliation, in hopes that it helps you rise from the ashes. Like the Phoenix you are. Which makes “Marry the Night” the Song one the Day.