Song of the Day

Alicia Keys – Superwoman

The life of a self help author, life coach, and full time care taker for two disabled individuals my father, my Grandmother, and my elderly grandmother; it gets extremely challenging. “No one knows me underneath these clothes,” is very powerfull to me as even as strong as I am, I break down wondering how I am going to put food on the tables and get the supplies that we need for both of them; I breakdown as the ugliness of Systematics is what I face everyday. But at the end after the tears are out, I am back to figuring out the plan and working odd jobs that helps get what we need in the end. Since I am not established as of yet, it gets tough. But coming from a lineage of women who were fighters, as my maternal grandma once told of the female relatives who jumped the opportunity to fight for independence in a war that women weren’t allowed in. Which “Wonder Woman” that might dad calls me is why me and other women and men who are in this struggle are another unsung hero during this pandemic. Which is why Alicia Keys’ “Superwoman” is my song of the day.