Song of the Day

Christina Aguilera – Reflection

When first heard this song I cried, why lie. I am a crier. I first heard this in Christina Aguilera. It was the end of my freshman year. Having this vivacious fantasy of what life would be after high school disregarding my family when they said “Life isn’t fair,” not telling me the story behind their belief. When I began going through the systematics they were accustomed too, they attempted to shelter me from it. Which I feel that is why that they became afraid when i left the nest entirely, moving to a totally different city and living completely alone without their protection. I recalled the idealisms, which were naive in a sense. Thinking the world was just and right. Which after being told their stories, being a Latin family in a low moderate income community; truth began to come out.

Eventually, the stories of their systematic racism and their racial discrimination came out. As the racism I began to experience in my life journey brought the stories out, but the difference that they saw in me; which firstly began within my family an act of shame. Was all in the end a way that they attempted to protect me from the cruelty of how the world can be. As one thing that was constant idealism in my family circle “People don’t care about us poor folks.” Which in the Latin community we are told “You need to get married to be protected” as well as “the world won’t accept a woman like you.” Which post journey, hearing the 2020 version made me cry ye again. As this became my swan song. As the question I know have now is “When will my reflection show who I am in side?” As I face another mole hill that seems like a mountain now due to systematics makes my swan song and the blog’s song of the day; Christina Aguilera’s “Reflection.” As maybe one day I will have this “biased empathy” disappear with my story telling and all that is affecting us in today’s world. As we all are subjected to the ugly beast that is “systematic racism.