Song of The Day

P!nk – What About Us

In the act of sin, it becomes of selfless vendetta of protecting ourselves from fear. Leaving those in danger left to be victims of bystander effect, where if we are all consumed in fear, will never have anyone step up to the plate, with one ultimate fear, the fear of dying. We hear those say I am not afraid to die, but seeing three people in my lifetime who were all convinced they weren’t afraid of dying had them holding on as the resentment of a life that they never unraveled, had them grab me with fear in their eyes holding on to life. Unfortunately, I was always put in the line of trauma as I was always referenced as the strong one. Which in the end I was glad to be there, as seeing a smile as my loved one’s passed and the look of comfort had them leave the world a little more reassured. Which also being trusted with their deepest darkest secrets of trauma and unfairness that they never shared in fear of shame, has me fighting a bigger fight than I could ever imagine. As in the world of the living, filled with people acting selflessly in their in protecting themselves from the fears they never face. Which in that act “What About Us” is the question we beg to ask in a philosophical context. Which why P!nk’s “What About Us Helps Us” helps us close the second to the last sin in :The Psychology of the Seven Deadly Sins.”