Song of the Day

Saweetie & GALXARA – Sway With Me

I learned a lot on my intoxicated night on yesterday’s Sunday Funday shenanigans. One thing is that I realize we never escape our traumas, as it becomes a part of us. In a good way when you resolve the pain from it. You ask how is this? Because when you resolve you’re traumas you no longer stay scared. And when you don’t do what you’re meant to do, get emotional over the fact that you let someone get away with it only temporarily that is. Yesterday, as I came home from the shenanigans, a guy in my neighborhood who couldn’t deal with rejection, ended up from across the way ended up calling me slut, puta, and a bunch of other things following with a threat. Which I threw my bag down and said “what the hell did you say” which almost halfway from comfronting his, was stopped by my abuela. Which ended in crying as the trigger was the situation reminded me of the night that I got brutally raped which had me “crying to sleep” because I didn’t get to finish what he started. Which abuela, paying fo my MMA lessons in high school knew what was about to happen to him. But real talk I feel that it was the fact that people feel it’s okay to disrespect someone, not realizing that it’s their own insecurity that makes them do it. Which made me feel like a huge weight was taken off my shoulder. As last night, I proved to myself that I wasn’t a girl who let’s people get away with things they feel they can do on purpose. Which hopefully taught homeboy a lesson as to never underestimate the person you are attempting to insult. Which is why Saweetie & GALXARA‘s “Sway With Me” is todays song of the day. Say what you want to say about meyour , but you know it’s something you wish you did in your life. Where those who always underestimate you get a taste of their own medicine. And hey, if you ask me and seeing the way he treats his wife, he had it coming. Because when I saw him this morning and said “Talk shit now!” he went inside like the coward he was. Which I also realize, I am not just talk. And for me that’s good enough for me.