Song of The Day

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

In this world where we are looking for the answers, it seems like we only get bandaids. Living a life of using bandaids, there was a moment that made me realize something. As I in most situations would have rationality, was always told that I didn’t which enabled the self doubt that I carried until now. Where shame, insult, and belittling as the fears I use to have of embarrassment, failure, and unknown have subsided, making people demonize my intentions. Which manipulation is no longer effective. As more and more people attempt to use these tactics as the truth and the logic thanks to psychology has helped me understand the triggers of these things, but as well empathy for those struggling. Which in the act of an attempt to disable me, I come to realize that I am Radioactive. As in the end, the only thing that is stopping me from helping others, is those who don’t want to help themselves.