Song of the Day

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

My first encounter with Imagine Dragons was during my time working at Target Mobile a few months when the song came out. I was barely beginning a new career in wireless after getting laid off as a Member Advocate at DentaQuest as the person who attempted to fire me the first time due to assumptions she had of me after being misguided by a co-worker instead of investigating the situation was an attempt to immediate terminate me, which after attempting to file a workers comp claim, was told I didn’t qualify since it was a layoff. Which back then I didn’t have any backbone. After my first attempt of fighting back, which still scared, didn’t know how to fight properly. When I first heard this I imagined myself fighting the big fight as I was opening my eyes to the things I didn’t want to see but not completely. When I fought my fight I woke up. A year later, I am now radioactive.

Check out Imagine Dragons Music on Apple Music
Check out Imagine Dragons Music on Apple Music

Published by Frieda Lopez at Frieda the Writer

Frieda Lopez is a Texas Native, born in the heart of San Antonio's West Side Community. Frieda attended Lanier High School and primarily attended Memorial High School where she graduated with the class of 2001. Raised in a blended family dynamic, Ms. Lopez gained her noble character from the women she admired and loved the most, her grandmothers. Frieda attended Alamo Community College where she majored in Liberal Arts primarily studying on biology, sociology, philosophy, psychology, and creative writing and shortly attended University of Incarnate Word. She gained a MBA from AIU and has actively participated in local fashion shows until she moved to Houston returning back August 2019. She began her career in healthcare, where she gained the skill of being able to not only resolve conflicts but reach out and engage in the community through her time serving as health care relations customer care and outreach representative. After being let go from her employer which she last served as a Customer Relations Representative for DentaQuest, she began her journey in retail where she came part of the leadership team a month of working as a part time representative for MarketSource and build a relationship with her local Target team. She later served five years with Amtel T-Mobile as a Store Manger after moving to Houston to pursue a management position with unfortunately ended in adversity which opened the opportunity of writing her first book "Journey of an Unraveled Road" will be releasing her second book a fiction based series titled "The Rideshare Chronicles" with the first book to the installment titled "Destination Destiny."

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