Song of the Day

Frank Sinatra – My Way

One of the things about the Journey, is that Journey was also part of the journey for me ironically and metaphorically. My Uncle Mike who was a marine was an amazing storyteller using music to tap into the emotions on the story’s that he told. One of the things that he always told me was “Don’t Stop Believing” when times seemed to be the darkest nights. To be “empathetic” of the human condition was something he told me I needed to master, which I almost failed him. The stories he told me always was lessons on his past mistakes and the things that he hoped for me, making the emphasis that we don’t live in a “fair world.” That there will be a day that I had to fight harder and when I would which his song he said to hear when I crossed that road and armed with “Courage of Conviction” to play this song and think of him as he knew he was going to die before we did, which resulted his demise of liver failure which he said “be braver than me and face your demons.” Little did I know it was going to be the thing that changed my live for forever. In that small victory played it and cried in humble solitude as I honored him in a way I thought I never would. Hearing it now, I still shed a tear and still think about him and how we would react today. Which knowing him would of looked disappointed shaking his head and giving me a serious face following with “Yes it was your way” followed by a smile and a tear saying “I’m so fucken proud of you.” Semper FI Tio Mike.