Song of the Day

Ariana Grande – Break Free

Sometimes we have to fight for ourselves which involves the of “not pretending anymore” One of the things that Ariana holds truth in this song is the quote “I only want to die alive. Never by the hand of a broken heart” which theoretically can be a broken heart of any disappointment live throws at us. The thing about”becoming who you really are” things don’t get to you, things seem clearer, people tend to be irrelevant when they try to force their truth on you. You know your flaws, you know your mistakes, you know what your doing to change it and realize that the things those say are just ways to bring you down from your place, which envy is the culprit and one of the deadly sins I will explore the psychology of in the next few days. In the end empathy is crucial as we have to realize that since everyone has something, the only way they know how to deal with it is by being ugly to other. And like they say “that’s ugly and God don’t like ugly.”