Song of the Day

Alicia Keys ft. Alicia Keys – Girl on Fire (Inferno Version)

One of the things that we always think in our society is that we are a microscopic speck in the Universe. I believed that as well at one point in time. The thing that we don’t realize is that we all have a bigger impact as a tiny speck. In microbiology, the tiniest of organisms can wreak havoc in the human body for the good or for worst. We are similar to that microorganism as that one speck can make a ripple in an organism either to heal or to kill. During the journey, I felt that my actions wouldn’t matter which I did to prove to myself that I could perceiver not realizing that I would inspire others in my small world to fight. Which one of the thing those in my world deemed me as a “girl on fire” where the intended insult that “I am a spawn of Satan” by a unnamed self-righteous group after pointing out the evils in their actions, had me embrace even more saying now I am the “girl on fire” dancing in the flames.