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Shakespeare is one of the greats in literary history. He in the form of theater was able to decrypt the things that was the humanity in the history we now can only assume occurred based on the artifacts that remain. One of the amazing facts is that Shakespeare was known to be ahead of his time. Having many of those opposed but with respect support the literary icon in actively supporting his work finding things that were relevant to real life rational as truth be told is the reason why he became part of history. In the age of the renaissance there is so much that is left undetermined as many things like other historical and humanitarian eras was a moment of great change when things that once became truth was the wake up call needed to steer the ship back in the right direction. In retrospective the free thinking was the reason as to why so many additional threats became a threat that after being contained, posed no additional threats. In todays era, where women, who still in the sake of the greater good engage in role reversal as COVID which northern Western Civilization as mining being the source of income are forced to enter the work place, willingly to assure the survival of the family. Which in history has shown many women being great leaders where Cleopatra made the history books which in many books, depending the writer, is biased to leave out the other untold women of greatness out that for whatever reason became irrelevant. The debate that arises is based on speculation and not of truth. To assume that there weren’t additional women who were worthy to be documented is stereotypical as what has those questioning my rationality, my intention, and the insults which I will be happy to accept, as one of the unfairness which if you think about it has fucked women over some being the solution and many being the problem, set women back along with all the stereotypes that on those motivated by the things called social norm also have been giving other men a bad name. As the motive in entitlement and social media give something to work extra harder for that in fear have people believing things they don’t.

QBQ a leadership book by John G. Miller is phenomenally written. Unfortunately for me when first introduced it left me additional questions that ended up having me ask “What is now the action behind the action” which when presented was told “I am being emotional” or “you overthink things” or “why do you have to make everything difficult” and when the question of “what do you mean by that” turns into a rational attempt to avoid the fears that become discrimination. Not even thinking anything in the lines of that, is the first thing those who in perception would look like guilt, but truth is comes from the fear of being someone they are not. As the mistakes they made in the past, backfire and the trauma in that situation became the one indicator that if intentional or not, almost cost them a life. Where those who premeditate and continue the behavior in inferiority become the problem that with similar blind eyes, make others side with them. In the continued wake of injustice and mistreatment one of the things that is reoccurring thing is #theblacklives movement which history has shown why and for so much good reason. For the longest I been thinking about the family I earned in Houston, TX, the ones that in the mist of hopelessness, although unable to hold my hand in the mist which my hairdresser turned mother figure, Mama P was part of the Black Panther movement was the one that had me revisiting the identity that she said I was denying myself which was the origin of my Latin heritage. Like always her “look baby” already knew had a lesson coming which “child” basically meaning “do this or else” had me reading literature from the great Maya Angelo which still clueless where she was going ended up telling me the history that I touched on but I never looked into as another thing she said was “you better know where you came from before you know where you going baby girl” which until today is when I got it and the flood gates opened when the news of her passing came two days ago that of course I am not gonna tell the world. As she also told me that things will get revealed when they are ready as those who need to know are the only ones that have to know until it’s called upon. Where that becomes the day I came to the realization that I ended up remembering about my time working with DentaQuest. Where the immigration and the mistreatment of migrants became mainstream media that was a movement attempted back that got very little response from as advocating for “Migrant Farm Workers” were done to bring awareness and the “fear” of became “multimedia news” was the reason why so little of them were skeptical to volunteer to get the assistance.

That trying to put the flair of my roots ended up coming up with quotes from celebrities when I search for “latin leadership quotes”. Where the hope of those in the Latino community end up rising up get mixed in the quotes all related to the superficial title that is to be “latino/latino” tried multiple searches till finally searching specifically for Gloria E Anzaldua and Cesar Chavez brought within the same power and moving quotes that mimic the tone that Cesar Chavez who in the fight for migrants was the distortion that classified the “Hispanic” term as degrading and transitioned to Latino(a) which thinking about the suffering and the punishment that my grandma, my aunt, and my father along with the additional mistreatment that society turns their head upon and all the other families I grew with, loved with, and learned from. And ironically speaking, Maya Angelo being a representation of the Black Movement still in bias perception neglect the things she stood for, the right for everyone. Which now able to grief to heal from Mama P’s passing makes me see something that is the beauty of Latino culture that despite the stigmas adapted by my up bringing. Despite the opinions and the perception, that the things that those leaders in Latino Culture did what all great leaders of all ethnicities fought for. It wasn’t about getting rights from the suffering of one specific ethnicity. It was to gain rights for all suffering. Where seeing the punishment thrown by retaliation from those who intentionally assumed was better than my family. The unfairness may be from the origin I came from. As the one thing I forgot that some of us from the same origin forget, is the things we all go after isn’t from the pride we have in the origins we come from. That being stereotyped as “machismo” and “fiery” is the stigmas that make us be exotic. That for as long as our families have been, we haven’t even made it into something as simple as Google. Because maybe subconsciously as a minority we are oppressed by the perception that is “immigrant”.

One of the many greats in American literature is Gloria E Anzaldua which it’s been a minute since I have picked up book. Let’s be honest, it’s not mainstream enough. Because while we are living our daily lives and getting wrapped up in the hustle and bustle we sometimes forget only when we are hungry about the our background. Where in the movie Selena “gringos like mexican food” is the debate within our culture where Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Mexican is never authentic enough which is why we don’t like the food. That in the mist of our roots is the love language we use. Many of the things that American culture has a distaste for, is usually the normal traditions that we miss when we are away from the cities that fill specific parts of the United States where Florida, California, New York, Texas, an New Mexico are the primary places that not authentic still fulfills the need. Another thing that we tend to forget is that some of the things that for us is funny like “taco tuesday” is made to if you really think about it is made to be derogatory because why did have to be tacos? Why could it be torta or tamales as tostone or why was it Tuesday why couldn’t it have been medianoche Monday? Which as petty as conformist would see it as have to admit is a very valid point. Which one of the things that is the beauty of Latino culture is our to see the brighter side of things as mandona as abuela can be something always has her heart in the right place. When it is all said and done, our family may be a bit overbearing but when shit hits the fan, in a traditional Latino culture, the beauty behind it is that the family dynamics that is of Latino culture comes from the dynamics that come from those still attempting to make a better

“Why in that same movement “A Day Without Latinos” have no one step up to the plate? Are we not proud to be Latino?”

“Are we proud to not be women? “”

“Are we truly not proud to be biologically what we were made to be?”

“Do we not have pride in who we truly are as people?”

“As an individual?”

Frieda Lopez

life for their families. The same one that our abuelas, abuelos, and parents all came to do depending on if your a 1st or 4th generation. The things that we as Latino-American’s tend to neglect as I myself have also done before, is eliminate the backstory that is our existence. Which Anzaldua’s quote both Latino and women strong is the reason why I write. Because as a woman, I am already made to fit American standards. As a Latina, I am made to fit additional standards that in American culture ends up being why in the opinions “that is why Latinos end up with people outside of their ethnicity” which we all know it isn’t true. Or is that a perception?

One thing that I remember hitting media and making major news is when a Latino uses the N word which many begged the question “can Latino’s made to be told by a white person coincidently or the black person who is giving in the “white man’s world” like many have stated never hear when the derogatory terms towards the Latin American culture has been called vert directly when things are said to us. While people just think it’s socially acceptable. And when corrected they end up making us think that we are overreacting. Well fair is fair, so why is that okay to do. Or the black face thing? Many portray the same with Chinese-American and Latin culture as well. Why hasn’t anyone said anything about that? Which in the Black Lives Matter movement leave the question of what about the other cultures that don’t get justice. It’s just okay to treat others like dirt. Where the difference is many embrace their culture and are proud. Why haven’t we as the Latino community done the same? But why does it have to be only White, Black, Latino, or any specific ethnicity for that matter? With that said what happened to the Cesar Chavez movement as it all of a sudden went away? In hindsight the actions behind the actions comes from the book I read having me ask “what is the real intent behind the actions made” which maybe is something worth asking ourselves.

One of the many things that writing has done is be able to freely express who I am without the ability to say what’s on my mind without the constant criticism as to why don’t I do what I am told. The truth is that slavery that other cultures have done is the gateway for many to subconsciously have an excuse to treat some demographics dismissively. For example, I ended up from a rider of a other background than me already giving me this disgusted look of disapproval that rated me negatively for the bogginess she had no need for and when given a tip was a penny. I don’t take things personally normal but I really thought to myself “you cunty conceded bitch” as she dismissed me when asking if she was okay and just acted like a specific race that puts their nose up as if she was better than me. She wasn’t shy either. If I went against my morals I would be the first to post the video feed, but because of the fact that I am going to tell myself was thoughtlessness to give redemption a fair chance in hindsight it isn’t right. That the mistreatment that my grandmother and dad got in their time was the same treatment I got when I was in Houston, TX having San Antonio people telling me that I shouldn’t of let those bother me. But it brings a good point. That the perceptions we have sometimes blinds us from the positive view of things also has the ability to been the way it wasn’t intended. Where those who low-key see something wrong as many have seen sometime in life, still have a stigmatic perception on something made intentional. That Mama P said you don’t see the problem but you will as people don’t suffer for nothing may be all the reason why maybe this is why I was put on my journey now has me asking? Did we just lose our culture all in the sake of fitting in? If you don’t believe me, then do the research yourself. The next questions that follow are the following:

Why hasn’t anyone stopped the mistreatment in DACA and Dreamer mistreatment? Do us as Latinos stop caring all in the sake of conformity?

Why did it take the second year for A Day Without Women to be an actual participating movement?

Why in that same movement “A Day Without Latinos” have no one step up to the plate? Are we not proud to be Latino? Are we proud to not be or have women? Are we truly not proud to be biologically what we were made to be? Do we not have pride in who we really are? Do we not have pride in who we truly are as people? As an individuals? Rest In Peace Mama P. This blog is especially for you. Out of all the amazing things that Houston blessed me with, you primarily help me preserve the fighting spirit you always saw in me. I pray you can Rest In Peace as your little jaguar finally found her way and roar. ❤️😢✊🏼

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Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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