The Power of Goodbye and The Power of Gratitude

Flower of Gratitude – painting by Kerry Sandhu 2/20/2020

One of the many things that we take for granted is the power of gratitude. It’s common and very normal in human nature which many people use as leverage to make other people feel bad for not expressing to us when we need the acknowledgment that many say they don’t need. The truth is this is a biological need that humans need, especially in the times of the impeccable doom that we all felt but we didn’t want to admit that was this current time in our era, COVID-19 pandemic. Which pride will have those who are low key fearful of the unknown of this era that already added a disturbance to the already disturbing things we faced pre-pandemic. But the one thing that we must try to gain an understanding and appreciation for is “why hide the fact that this naturally scares you?” “What good has it really done for you?” One of the things that seems to come natural when the pandemic comes up many of the rideshare rides I drive is once I ask “How are you holding up in the pandemic?” and when I say that follows the lie people first say “It’s been scary for us in my family but we make the best of it and end up having little mottos like, FUCK YOU CRONIES (a nickname given by good friend btw)?” which then lifts a huge weight on those people who feel they have to act like they aren’t scared, some just letting out all their frustrations and pains that they felt during the COVID era. Some laugh about it and say “I was silly” and some get emotional, where my job as the rock has me telling them “It’s okay to cry, let it out. You’re not alone in this, which is the beauty of it. In the end know you got this.” Which in that moment, I don’t just gain a regular, I gained a friend.

On my personal media post, I ended up making a confession about the activities I engage in that is the downtime of rides hare driving. When it’s hours between calls, I end up parking somewhere and just sing my heart out. One of the things I loved very much as a kid was singing and performing. There has been a few spectators who have come up to me during these times where I can let every emotion out in the ways of theatrical expression, which is how I felt I was going to change people’s lives for the better, which in my twitter post earlier this morning I retweeted an inspirational tweet that came from a retweet which in my words came out as this “Real talk, sometimes God gives you something better than your hopes and dreams. Human nature sells us out for less than we give ourselves credit for. Stop working that selfish motive and work that selfless motive. Gods blessings prove much greater.” Writing has been a much more powerful tool that I could have ever imagined. The funny thing is people also question my motive and my lightheartedness of the things that seem to be something I am just putting an act on. But actions always speak louder than words as those who end up confronting me (even officers) to see if there is “something in the water” (if you get my drift) ends up being the way people ask how I ended up getting so fearless and so comfortable with myself which ends up being a copy sold of “Journey of an Unraveled Road” and what follows is the emails and the calls that many say teach me how to get to that level of confidence within myself, which Mrs. P another one of my regulars that I ended up getting from a hospital discharge pick up that someone who offered 200.00 bucks to get them to their home near a Porche dealership was the reason that Mrs. P, a religious woman says I am not only speaking the word of God without classifying what it is, I am actually the poster child of what it really looks like. Which after reading the book, she also tells me one thing when we get together “kiddo your teaching me a lot and your making me have a new kind of gratitude I never knew I possessed.” Which like I always say, it isn’t about fame or fortune, it’s about changing someone’s life.

One of my favorite things about Carrie Underwood is that in her music she sings about the good, the bad, and the ugly where in her song “Church Bells” she sings about the everyday scenario women encounter where domestic violence played a fate to a woman who was made to perceive the man she fell in love had no reasoning to be a bad man. The ending talks about the scenario where the only way to escape the hands of someone was to murder him in the end. Which some people think is overdramatizing a situation but really is what many women trapped feel. They end up stuck in what’s called a “trauma bond” that they feel they can’t escape. This doesn’t happen to women these days either as men are also in a situation that is compromising for them to. A person with a righteous heart will always have one quality in them, the ability for people to exercise their free will and allow the person to leave their life selflessly without trapping the person whether it be through emotional, physical, or materialistic threats. Which the power of goodbye is most essential and an honest thing you have to do for yourself and the person who you grew out of love in. Sometimes the start of this journey doesn’t start by doing something amazing, it also takes small steps, as trying to pin point when I gained my superpower in the unraveled journey makes me realize that in a emotionally abusive relationship I was in back in Houston, TX with my ex-finace may have the start of gaining the will I have now as I realized that he was no longer doing it for me anymore.

Admitting that back then wasn’t easy as it seemed as this was probably one of the hardest things that I had to admit to myself. I mean I cared for that “asshole” for some reason or another. I mean despite that she stole 6,000.00 of my money that he gambled away due to my negligence and trusting him when something said not to, having him get me a puppy that because he got on his nerves made me leave at my parents, or make my family think I was a “crack whore.” The truth was that I felt that I couldn’t live with myself to make someone feel bad about themselves for the things that I just couldn’t get from him. After all I already settled with the false perception that he gave and living out of his means at the time. The truth is I already settled enough for something that I knew that I wasn’t comfortable with. Why continue to lie after he trapped me in a false perception of him to fall in love with and continue to not follow through time after time.

I truly feel that the way to happiness is gained by the people in your personal life that you surround yourself with. Let’s be real, separating yourself from family is no way to live, although we do it more commonly then we really should. Think about it, how many of your family members that you currently separate yourself from that you miss. Regardless of what they do to piss you off, get on your nerves, they still are family. You built memories with them. Yes sometimes you might like what they say or do as these are reminders of you, but it’s usually those family members that piss you off a little that make you see some truth you don’t want to admit is true. Because while we have our nose up in the air, they are living the life we always wanted. That is breaking free from a false perception we feel is “living.”

One of my readers who is a huge Arianna Grande fan says that this song, which also remembers in my earlier followings when I was mere peasant in the social media worlds, put this song as my “swan song” when I ended up making the decision to move to Houston, TX going on four years ago. Seeing me from then to what I am now has compelled them to say “how amazingly strong I have become since the earlier days of what was the “Frieda” they followed back then. How it’s amazing how I can without embarrassment “all the things I done” and the things that I have learned from. How what use to be the soft spoken “Frieda” to what one of my new readers quoted on a comment “you have a voice and I hear it loud and clear” because truth of the matter, now more than ever is the time to “shut up and listen” and come together. One of the newest projects that so far has a seven volume series is my newest fiction based projects takes us on an adventure of a protagonist who doubts the true abilities she has and realizes the amazing super human power that she holds which is based on her own human nature. As I already mentioned the name previously is a adventure that takes us on a journey where Jacqueline is the heroine inspired from other protagonist inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, and I Am Legend which ends up taking place 6 months before our COVID era. Which spins the COVID era into a supernatural medium that begins the bigger adventures that are still anticipated which becomes more and more greater that the one prior. As my domino effect, turn circle jerk, turn ripple effect is the phenomenon I ponder in a fiction based world where more of us don’t have to use the real life scenarios to keep those who want to understand what I am saying cannot. Like all fiction based series like the “Sookie Stackhouse Series” and the “Harry Potter series” and the “Hunger Game Trilogy” take place in a fictitious world that touches the real things happening in todays world. Where what was pointed out to me which is a niche I never realized I had, story telling through the ways of music. Which “Blinding Lights” by the Weeknd, is what started this series while a night where some of the most bizarre things that could happen, happened one night on the busiest time in the COVID era. Where for once the essential worker position that is ride share driver can get the true title it is capable of gaining that many don’t see. The “road warrior” that not only gets someone from point a to b. But the potential and capability of saving lives at the moment where those faced with uncertainty gain the hope they almost lost prior to pick up. Which is the reason why gratitude by the little things is much needed. In order to make an impact, you have to appreciate the things that you already have, taking in what you need, and maybe be rewarded with the things you never thought you wanted.

Which these weekend as Friday is a day away, live life like it’s your last, appreciate the things you get this weekend, and do something that you always have but never done, even if it’s as small as telling someone how you feel. You never know what you may get out of it. Which I hope is everything you never wished for, something better than what you hoped for. Turn those negatives into a positive. Cause when life throws you lemons, make lemonade. And if that don’t work add vodka or tequila and repeat. Until you get it right. Have a great weekend everyone.

and if you haven’t yet. Even if it’s just a solo party. Have the time of your life. Much Love everyone.

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Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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