What To Expect for the Rest of September

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Hey Friedathewriter.com followers. For the rest of the month I will be reposting some of my earlier blog post as to show the growth that I have gained throughout my blogging journey, following me revisiting some of those previous blogs with my new outlook and insight. Growth is an amazing feeling and being able to see things in a a much more in tuned light that consist of understanding the human condition, having a better grasp of the psychology science and putting some anonymous stories from my lifestyle coaching venture, hopefully can depict the kind of person I am today. Where in a world of enabled bad behaviors and deflection to purposely instill self doubt is an immunity I gained, which finding out I have an immunity to some major illnesses and virus the other day on my last appointment will determine that self efficacy is the key to surviving a burning world and that courage of conviction is an essential characteristic to beat those who aren’t sure of themselves. As I still have empathy for them as they have so much internalized issues that they in pride will never admit, keep themselves trapped in their own emotional prison, which I hope one day they will see the light and gain the power I know they have within themselves. Tomorrow’s blog talks about my intimate depiction of how September 11th changed my life in so many ways. Where beauty in the pain of lose helped make me a better person.

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Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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