The Truth In Fiction Storytelling -The Truth of Injustice to Women

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DC has a reputation of bringing to life the Comics we grew up reading as a kid. The amazing thing that this has turned into a multimillion dollar industry in Hollywood. Sometimes I wonder if this was ever intended as my journey was never planned to be this way. For me DC and Marvel are both equally my favorite as you have Wonder Woman and my favorite anti-hero Harley Quinn on the DC side and Captain Marvel and Black Widow on the Marvel Side. I used Marvel characters as a in depth explanation on why I appreciated these individuals, but never really used DC as a reference. After watching DC’s “The Birds of Preys and The Emancipation of Harley Quinn”, numerous times I now have the best way to reference the truth in the unfairness that women face on a daily basis.

Before we go into the in depth of what is the typical stereotypes of women, I will start by saying that sexism doesn’t discriminate to just women, it also discriminates against men. With the perception of what a man is, many women have also played a part in the ugly act of systematic. Here are the four typical categories that sexism involves:

  • Personality Traits
  • Domestic Behavior
  • Occupation
  • Physical Appearance

When you look at it in the categories that determines sexism, you can’t help but telling yourself “damn wasn’t I a hypocrite” and it’s okay. We are human and the main quality in human behavior is the characteristic that dictates our behaviors, human nature. Truth is, I was a shitty chick at one point in time as for me, my poison of choice was the shaved head tattooed bad boy, which let’s be honest ended up in a crash landing of fuckery and pendejadas created on my demise. The truth about it is that the guys I fell into demise was are never a lost cause, it’s just they were misunderstood. Misunderstood to the point that this was their own demise as one of the key elements to change that they may never gain is the act of taking accountability of their own actions. Which I hope this is never the case and that even though things may have never worked out with us, would hope one day they can get a grasp of this so they can achieve their happiness and potential.

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The Inflictions We Cause In the Battle of Gaining True Fairness

In the story in “The Birds of Preys and The Emancipation of Harley Quinn” we go through the protagonist and point of view of Harley Quinn and her emotional coping mechanism that is the break up she had with The Joker, but also brings into account the story of three other female protagonist Renee Montoya, Black Canary, and Huntress all who’s traumatic experience involved men who in the end abused their power in the gender role battle.

Renee Montoya’s Inequality

One of things that men don’t understand is the unfairness that happens in the workplace, which Montoya’s struggle paints the perfect picture of what this looks like on a day to day life of a woman. Like me, I was always undermined and always discredited for the ideas and the work that I brought to the table to improve the company’s best interest that I would work on. In the first account, Montoya was on a case that ended up getting her discredited which credit was assumed by her boss who in the current case she was about to crack but was thrown under the bus in her demeanor by her ex girlfriend (which the one’s we think hold loyalty for us due to gender role or whatever criteria we assume will maintain loyalty) was demonized and the work to crack a case was given to another male counterpart, leaving her resolving the case on her own and ending the corruption of the man who caused a traumatic demise to our next character we will talk about “Huntress”, which in the end Montoya quits the force to start her own crime fighting arsenal. One would say it’s fiction. Here is an article of the realism of how this plays out, where women did the work and men took credit for that work in our own history.

The Unresolved Trauma of The Huntress

Huntress is one of my favorite characters in this DC depiction as she has anger issues, that she never admits, and for good reason too. Black canary beginning in trauma was when she saw her family get gunned down and killed. Her life was spared by the man who realized that she did not get shot in that demise. To protect the young woman, he sent her to Sicily to live with her family, where his family taught her the art of fighting and self protection that made her a unknown assassin. The irony in this conflict in self identity is that she knew she was amazing at this profession but had trouble with the identifying her self persona as she throughout the movie struggles with finding her alias. This is a common issue for women, especially when it come to sexual health. We tend to have this stigma of how we should be and what is taboo and what is acceptable. Truth is, the issues of double standards is why this becomes a woman’s conflict as men are deemed as amazing men when they have a record of notches on the bed post that ends up being enabled by the men they surround themselves. Psychologically speaking promiscuity is a red flag of insecurity in general within a human being. Here is a article of the psychology of promiscuity.

The Power Black Canary Takes Back

Black Canary is one of the most relatable in this story line. Black Canary represent the everyday woman I feel. Black Canary is go with the flow and a people pleasure. She empowers herself to help others which was a “yes bitch moment” for me, when Harley Quinn was purposely intoxicated and almost made a human trafficking victim. Yes, even bad bitches can set themselves up to be victim. One of the things that we don’t realize is that we all can set ourselves for failure. The article that I found that I have included the link below this article is mostly written for women, however this is something both men and women do. We tend to stay within our comfort zone and refuse to get out of it. But part of learning your own power is by doing the opposite of what you do, getting out of your comfort zone. There is a power within succeeding out of your comfort zone. It not only tells you that your capable, it makes you realize it’s not hard to adapt to new situations.

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Fiction story telling is one of the key ways to point out the reality of our everyday world. It takes us out of our realism and puts us in a fantasy world that we can be empowered to own. Gaming is one of the most popular past times because of that. Many turn to gaming to escape the realism of the world, more so during COVID-19. One of the things that I always believed is that we all have a emotional crutch we use. As long as it don’t hurt others or yourself, use it. Life is a bitch especially in this time of COVID. A pandemic is one of many things that would indicate a traumatic event. Ironically enough, a prison stay is also a traumatic event, where if additional events occurred in prison becomes a situation that becomes hard to correct as the events that occurred in the scheme of pride may never go resolved. One of the most common traumas women face is sexual harassment where the misperception and the assumptions cause unresolved trauma to those victim by it. The best example in fiction story telling is the the case of Elle Woods.

The Fiction Story Telling of Charlies Angels 2019

Following the chain of command is not meant to have consequences, however in the movie “Charlies Angels 2019” depicts the picture of just that. Funny thing is that following the chain of command at Sprint Houston is what got me in the mess that made me rise to greatness. For the first time in my life, I was able to stand up and do the right thing not only for me, but for everyone degraded to such treatment. When the element that is “the abuse of power” is present in leadership, not only women are subjected to this, but also men. In the end “abuse of power” is something that we see happening everyday, whether it be in the “black power movement” or “systematic or institutional racism” the abuse of power we all have to fight against and stand up to diligently and consistently.


The compassion that we omit to people is a narcassistic behavior that only hinders the ability to gain a positive change. People make mistakes and we all know that one person that we always wonder, how the hell haven’t you served time in prison. Unfortunately some of these individuals have learned how to play the system, how to manipulate the system and use the perception of self as leverage. Which hoesntly is the people I avoid the most. Statistically speaking, these are the biggest dangers in todays society as they never take accountability, they are manipulative, and will go to any level to keep themselves innocent. Jennifer Lopez’s movie “Enough” is the perfect example of this. Where the predator being Slim’s husband ends up not only causing traumatic events to occur to Slim but to his child. In these situations, when narcissism turns sociopathic identification, the only person they are looking out for is number one, themselves. What are your thoughts? Have you experienced any of these indications? Fellas, have you been on the other side of the table? Like always thanks for reading and until next time.

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