The Risk of Perception

Is Perception Ruining Your Life

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Perception is something that we all analysis risk through. Perception is defined as the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses. However perception is not always accurate. Have you ever pictured how the outcome of a risk is going to play out. In a perfect world, it would have a happily ever after. However, the reality is that we don’t live in a perfect world. Perception is not what we perceive either. As perception is a defense mechanism or survival instinct that if we don’t have enough life experience, can put ourselves in predicaments that have serious consequences. In the worst case scenario, cost us our life.

Risk perception is is the subjective judgement that people make about the characteristics and severity of a risk. Which is what we are really doing in our everyday lives. One of the thing this poses a danger to is narcassistic behaviorism. Now let me just clarify, I don’t think the world is a narcissist. I do however see why the behaviors are so attractive. If you read my book, I admit to engaging in that pendejada due to the perception other’s had in me. In this world, perception is used for evil, as many people perceive to be a certain way to get their foot in the door. Which if we are going to be brutally honest is manipulation. I talk about how I identified the red flags that if I was aware of this, would of saved me from many traumatic events. Another false perception is the fact that if you have had trauma affect your life, your damage. But ironically enough, resolving those traumatic situations and getting the courage to face it, helps sharpen your risk perception and analysis threats a lot more accurately and a lot more safely. Without putting yourself in a situation that may be hard to face. If you have are already plagued with it, I empathize. If you want to stop feeling scared, I applaud you. If you want to break those invisible chains, well let’s get you prepped on facing it in your time and your pace.

The Effects of Risk Perceptions

Let’s clear up one thing first. Risk perception is always irrational. We see these conspiracy theorist talk about how COVID-19 is a government ploy. But the death count has risen. People have died from it. People have put their own flesh in blood at risk. Everyone can make their choices and that’s fine. But to use scare tactics and band-wagon slogans is manipulation. You’re influencing someone to put themselves in jeopardy on purpose. Today I had to literally call The Suicide Hotline for someone who felt that burdened by their influence of enabling someone to not put a mask and find out a week later that not only he died but his whole family died from it too. I mean let make someone make that choice and allow themselves to jeopardize themselves. But shame someone to their death is not a ethical way to make your voice be heard. Here are some of the things that influence someone’s perception according to Harvard Medical (Harvard Medical. The psychology of risk perception. June 2011.

  1. Trust
  2. Origin
  3. Control
  4. Nature
  5. Scope
  6. Awareness
  7. Imagination
  8. Dread
  9. Age affected
  10. Uncertainty
  11. Familiarity
  12. Specificity
  13. Personal impact
  14. Fun factor

It’s hard to even fathom that someone may have potentially manipulated us to prevent us from doing things that may have made life better or purposely put us in a bad situation. One of the thin gs that we must understand in this is that our free will and personal choice to move forward with the action that may have put in this situation. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or nothing to be afraid of. It’s a learning opportunity that we can learn from which being a lifestyle coach and self help author is why I pursued this journey. To help those who are ready to take back their life, take it back which even if you haven’t been successful. Is no reason to beat yourself about it. Truth is you tried which is the biggest step in this journey. Truth is the greatest accomplishment you have to give yourself credit for is acknowledging the problem at hand.

How Gain Control

There are different types of perception risks and how to tackle them. Laura Lakes from “The Balance Small Business” gives the perfect way on the step on how to take control of it ( Truth is the components that you use in your work life are extremely universal in your personal life as well. The different types of risk perception are as follows:

  • Functional – Perceived risks can include the fear and or doubt a consumer has that the product they are buying will fail to perform its intended function.
  • Social – This type of risk pertains to a consumer’s social status. If a person is of a high or wealthy social class, they want to buy products that their friends would also buy.
  • Financial – Every consumer suffers some extent of financial risk. They are afraid that a purchase might strip them of their income sources at that time or in the future.
  • Physical – An item that could cause bodily harm to a person or their family causes perceived risk.
  • Time – If a product breaks or fails a few days after purchase and needs replacement, this is a time risk.

Laura explains exceptionally well which I definitely recommend looking at her article as it’s on point with some of the everyday things in life. But what about those still dealing with traumatizing situations. It’s too much to fit in one blog, which is why I wrote the book. Check out the book. If you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s a free read with subscription.

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Perception leads to so many things, which can cause us to be afraid of things we are not afraid of that we really have no reason to be. Being able to identify these triggers and fears makes us more powerful that we could ever image. The half glass half empty is also a perception we have. But knowing the root gets us prepared for the real dangers. It gives us peace of mind and the ability to gain control of life. Without perception, how can we conquer our world properly. Evaluating the risk more accurately is how we safe guard ourselves in the end. We all deserve a fair chance to win.

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