Feel The Moment – Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera

We have two choices in life, we can either give up or keep fighting. Being told a year ago that I was going to die when I first came into light of an illness I had, I almost gave up. But like I promised myself if I am going to die sooner than I anticipated, I’m going to not waste the rest of the life given and fuck shit up for the greater good. Since everyone wanted to assume that there was something wrong with me, the only that’s wrong with me is that I have a terminal illness and grateful for the remaining life I have. Hey worst case scenario, if I do at least there is a legit and effective self help out there. Hey for a living dead girl, I did a lot with that year I was told I had. Not bad. I will leave you leaving the weekend with a question. And before you give you me everything excuse in the book, I was homeless, broke, and dying. What you waiting for?