Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

Alessandra is the protagonist in my upcoming fiction based sci-fi, horror, drama , action, comedy, romance novel “The Rideshare Chronicles Destination Destiny” that takes place in San Antonio, TX. Down on her luck dealing with the trauma she is trying to resolve after losing it all in Houston, she becomes independent contractor, a rideshare driver for Passieo, who is troubled with finding herself while picking up the pieces of a disappointing demise, only to discover that everything that has happened to her lead her to her destiny of saving the hometown she loved from the Aztec God of Death. She like all of us, feels like she is just a small voice, finds out that it all the good, bad, and ugly that happened in her life is what made her not just a super hero, but the wonderful and unique person everyone in her life loves. Check out todays blog and keep your eyes out for “The Rideshare Chronicles Series” which :Destination Destiny” will be released later this month. The theme song of the series is none other than The Weeknds “Blinding Lights.” Universe can you help out and make it the official song to the series? Hey a girl can ask, can’t she?