The Hunger Games That Is Systematics

If you stop and think about it, the Hunger Game Saga is the portrayal of what systematic racism in the worst case scenario. You have news media reporting the impeccable doom that is the presents of the tragedies and the President Snow being a symbol of good or ill intention depending on who’s in the oval office. The Hunger Games, which in the saga has children from the districts being chosen to endure the cruelness of those same games, becomes the “I volunteer as tribute” which has the protagonist on her quest of what appears to be epic doom a victory that stopped the cruelness that was going to be the fate of the children of the Capitol, which in the end the heroine given grace was spared a life of simplistic virtue with the love of her life Peter. Some would not deem this a fairytale happy ending but for many it’s the fairytale dream come true which getting more insight on my great great great grandmother’s ending, the chance to be with the love of her life giving up the royal name that she once held. Truth is I don’t know if this is true or not as it’s a tale told to me, but my grandmother says it very telling and consistent, which at the end of the day, makes a great storyline for me as a writer.

Harvard from da Hood Twitter Feed 2020

So one of the many humblest rewards is when you look at your social media feed and see love from one of the greats in todays modern media. Just in case my girl Cardi B is reading this blog, please don’t take this for something of pride or being a cunty show off as I have no intent of this at all what so ever. As the only reason why I put this up is to be the backstory of the love given as the point that I am making is that to beat the personal attacks that stem from an attack of systematics requires a backbone that is needed to first earn the respect of those who beat systematics. As Cardi B a Cinderella Story of it’s own, was the systematics not only beating the odds as a misfit as beautiful as she has always been before and after her stardom was her determination and the fight she went hard with, where being a stripper was a cut down that many of my fellow sisters and brothers in the adult entertainment industry face on a daily basis. Where the money she earned was used for her comeup and became the first album she recorded that ended her becoming the world renowned Cardi B is the story of another sister in arms that made her own chain of Adult Novelty Stores in Houston that catered to the rich and powerful demographic in Houston, TX. Where the perception of belittling and degrading to the women working to make a living are put down by the same sisters fighting to get a fair chance. Where if we want to be honest, shaking your ass for a unappreciative and arrogant man who doesn’t respect you at home is the only reason why you disagree because of the stigmas you have about your own body. Which I got to give props, if you can take money from a man and not have to deal with his fragile ego 24/7 I should of signed up a long time ago. Where those who shame me due to my appearance don’t realize is that in Houston, TX, I was offered money to punish men in powerful places. As Wonder Woman gave those who had dominance the fetish to be dominated by the weaker of sexes. But in turn my brothers in the adult entertainment business ready to retire and wanting to start a new life, get trapped by the systematics that a gorgeous face and endowed physical ego do to them. As they are perceived as the eye candy they are, never get taken seriously. And for someone to say “you did this to yourself” are cunts for saying that. Because like many elderly in the community that get let forgotten, which Cardi B a philanthropist that she is also was down to visit the elderly and spend the day with them without saying “you did this to yourself.”

One of things about Urban Pop Culture is that this is the Cinderella story for many of those who come from places that don’t offer that fair chance. The origin story is the same story everyone expects to see in ever scenario. Which why I embrace the ghetto that I come from as some will say don’t say that as some of those feel it’s an insult to them which let me be the first to say “don’t be a snobby bitch” because this is why we don’t get the justice we want as we become too busy trying to disassociate ourselves from that world. Those who say your not ghetto enough like JLo says “cayate la voca, let me finish” is the reason why we have this entitled and overzealous view of ourselves. Because we forget that the work that it takes to get there is far more than talk or the bad shit you are willing to do as “Rainbow Bright” or Tekashi Sixty Nine became when he talked a big game and became a rat as the cardinal rule in the hood is “snitches get stitches” and although he may not be physically hurt, the stitches he gained was from the image he now gained as Martha Stewart” showed to be more gangster than he ever was. Which makes me appreciate the Cardi B’s verse much more “I am a whole different breed, them other ones can’t compete. I make bitches want to retreat. I go to the desert for weeks. When I come back, I come back with heat” because real talk is what I did when some Tekashi wanna be thinking he was bad ended up attempting to put me down by calling me Chis Jener. Where my response saying “I’ll take your silence as a win since I obviously shut you up bent you over and said who’s your daddy now” where the backbone from the backlash which is something I haven’t heard is the reason why his assumption that my profile picture change was from insecurity. No bitch, it was from associating my picture with the next picture I was going to use for my next published book. Which proves the small scale Rainbow Bright is a Snitch in the making.

The truth behind the Hunger Games is one thing called human nature, where in the most resent addition, the prequel reveals the fate of President Snow and how became the man that he was. I don’t think that it was coincidental as storytelling has always came to from something true happening in the real world.

The one thing that we neglect to see is that the burn that those put to us puts everyone in jeopardy where those who burn people down hypothetically do one thing that they might not see happening. Burn with them as the origin story they come from putting those with them down burn one thing that they don’t see value at the time, who they come from. Which my saving grace in this unfortunate play of events has me being able to come back embraced with open arms, where the opposite views we have and the things they attempt to perceive is fear that also forced to see things in that way takes the rose colored glasses off which makes them see that the reality they really hoped would never be is the truth they are living and causing for not just them, for everyone around them.

Writing became something that has me dabbling on things I never imaged I would complete and catching the eye of some potential investors which not premeditating into a quick opportunity to stardom has me carefully picking the individuals I lay in bed with. As the vision has to be mutual and of a place we both can see eye to eye on. Because the truth of the matter is that “The Journey of an Unraveled Road” isn’t about who finishes first but who finished more authentically. As the fiction venture I am halfway completed called “The RideShare Chronicles” takes the systematic racism and the collective stories and the collaborations of those in those real life stories. Because being a writer isn’t about giving the perception of the views they perceive but the views based on the real life fear that stems from that exact truth. Because one thing we all gather for the “Hunger Games” is that “hope is the only thing stronger than fear” and as Cardi B has already set the example for the women in the situations that life in some cases threw at them made the greatest example of what being the victor of the “real life” Hunger Games is why she can say “I Like It” like that. Which maybe one day another hope out of my writing venture, be able to be the one to write Cardi B’s biography where her story whether become fiction or non fiction is the epic journey it is respectfully intends to be. “Gracias por el amor mi reyna.” XOXO.

Your Girl,

Harvard from Da Hood

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Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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