The Subliminal Bandwagoning of Conspiracy

What’s Really Behind The Psychology of These Manipulation Tactics

Conspiracy Theories is a common norm in our everyday society. Truth be told, in hindsight conspiracy theorist share more than just a common outlook of a traumatic situation, they share an array of psychological issues other than fear. Conspiracy theorist use this as a way of importance and inclusion in a burning world. It’s an escape of a reality beyond our existing one to deal with the fears that we face in everyday society. Truth of matter they cause much more than fear. In the cataclysmic case, they can cost someone’s life.

One of the most heartbreaking situations that I had to deal with most recently, was talking a friend down from coming in suicide. As in his bandwagon effect, he convinced somebody who is gullible and to not wearing a mask which caused our friends life along with the life of our friends family. Causing four of those family members to die of Covid. The cat was so unbearable, that he felt that he had no reason to live with he was a bad person. The weather was able to talk down my friend from coming in suicide was reminding him that it was someone else’s personal choice and free well that made him move forward with that actionAdd a death of a family member or friend is a traumatic event, to safeguard to see if I assured that he was put in the hands of authorities to assure that his livelihood would not be hindered in his moment. Add a death of a family member or friend is a traumatic event, to safeguard to see if I assured that he was put in the hands of authorities to assure that his livelihood would not be hindered in his moment of grief.

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The bandwagon effect is actually a term in psychology that is used which is a form of manipulation to have people follow the same ideas regarding certain situation. Did you do the matter is is it needs to much more than just a manipulation of someone’s well. Has been wagging typically is used to instill fear, to instill in security, and to enable the doubt of the individual who is in fear. Hello there so many things that conspiracy theories Conns, here are the main point that it has negatively affect of society according to Scientific America (Melinda Wenner Moyer. March 1, 2019. People Drawn to Conspiracy Theories Share a Cluster of Psychological Features.

  • False conspiracy theories can drive people to violence.
  • Anxious people are especially drawn to conspiratorial thinking.
  • You can spot hallmarks of fake theories.
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Bandwagon Effect and Conspiracy Theories as a Political Survival Guide

One the biggest places that these conspires come from is none other than the oval office. Matias Spector has thesis, which is actually a thing people do when they are out college that reveals the things that people assume to be true and run with it to secure their place in the oval office. A bandwagon campaign to instill fear to make those feel that the current President is a protector. When you think about it, the COVID virus was made into a conspiracy theory shortly after the virus came to light. Some of these things like hospitals reporting excess cases that they shouldn’t come from not only risk assumption, which I wrote about that was posted August 26, 2020 called “Falling Down the Rabbit Hole of Assumption Is Assuming Ruining Your Life” blog, but the pressures that have been given by President Trump ultimately is protect the sake of Medicare and Social Security programs Trump initially wanted to remove during office that everyone seemed to forgot all of a sudden. When fact checking fails the only way to survive a political campaign is launch…you guessed it a Conspiracy Theory that makes people lose focus on the things that were revealed, make the opposing part look bad, and come out a glorified hero. Where if you really think about it is manipulation that has continued through this whole Presidential Campaign from the start. I am not saying let’s burn him like a witch during the Salem Witch Hunts, I am just saying be more mindful of the information your accepting, because like always, there is a psychology trial that reveals the truth that we were overlooking (turning a bling eye) that comes from our own fear and struggle. Which is why Matias Spector article is the first place you want to look into if you want to make a honest and thourough decision before following the crowd (conforming). If the President is a true narcissist which can lead to sociopathic tendency you can believe he may result to “if I can’t have a great life, no one can” which heaven forbid he bust a gasket up there and nuclear bombs the entire world. But as people can change, I still have a smidgen of hope for the guy. Since the Republican party are always around him, it won’t be Trump to blame, it will be the entire political party for engaging in the bystander effect and not intervening to stop it. Which only tells me it may be a materialist motive that they are attempting to attain. Check out the unbiased read from Mathias Spector’s “Bandwagoning for Survival: Political Leaders and International Alignments” on It will start making you look at the behavioral patterns. If I am lucky coronavirus will get me before shit hits the fan and I have to witness that in real time. Just keeping it real.

Psychology Behind Conspiracy Theories and the People that Believe Them

Gaslighting is a form of manipulation through persistentdenial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying in an attempt to destabilize anddelegitimize a target. Its intent is to sow seeds of doubt in the targets, hoping tomake them question their own memory, perception, and sanity

At the end of the day, conspiracy theories is straight up a band wagon campaign. A cause or party that attracts increasing numbers of adherents. Which used in a sentence is  jump on the bandwagon climb on the bandwagon get on the bandwagon to join or give support to a party or movement that seems to be assured of success, which bluntly is conforming. Which conforming is To act, often unquestioningly, in accordance with traditional customs or prevailing standards. The reason why I empahsize these two definitions is the attempt to have me agree to some of these non rational idealisms and side with the democrats (when they were legit) was the keyword used to try to make me believe this irrational way of thinking. Knowing myself enough and trusting my instinct I can read between the lines and thanks to my current study in psychology and previously engaged bad behavior, can identify the psychology behind it. When I made rational sense, I was insulted and attempted to be humiliated. Which let’s be real can’t be done since I take accountability for the things I’ve done in error and admit all my flaws. Being able to laugh about it and reveal the real issues, was the act of giving the silent treatment or cold shoulder which happens in victimhood. To be blunt narcissistic behavior and something known as gaslighting. Which gaslighting which is defined as is a form of manipulation through persistentdenial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying in an attempt to destabilize anddelegitimize a target. Its intent is to sow seeds of doubt in the targets, hoping to make them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. One of things you will always see in these individuals is that will always result to manipulation and take it way to personal then it really should be. In additional they begin to defend it like it’s their baby daddy or mamma they still low key love but end up defending the person and making excuses about the bad behavior and the things they done wrong. Which in all seriousness brings me some concerns as they were also manipulated, which might have been a long history of that behavior. In psychology it’s referenced as True False Believers. Here’s what Noam Shpancer Ph.D. has to say in Psychology Today .

Conforming is to be or act in accord with a set of standards, expectations, or specifications

In the end we all have a personal choice on what we do. We can’t force people to see things how we do, we can only hope they will one day see the light. My abuela always told me you’ll always be someone’s stereotype and that the only way you can fight against it, is to know your true self and not need the opinion of others to validate you. Who knew it would launch a career. But she also instilled the act of compassion and empathy as she always humbled me about the information I attain. If it has the power to heal, it should be shared with the world. She was right. Not only has my fight become a way to gain justice in a toxic workplace that people are coming forward about their experience in sexual harassment and assault. It’s giving those closure as I talk to a few of those ladies and men who have come forward. Those who don’t communicate know I see right through that selfish intent. And that’s okay. No matter what they do and how they take my defending myself in efforts to gain by the disrepect they stole from me in a civil and rational matter. Because like they say, how you going to love you. If you can’t love yourself. And it starts by securing the self respect for yourself. Love and Respect. XOXO. Frieda Lopez aka Harvard from da Hood.

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