The Essential Act of Changing a Routine

Remember this, this was from yesterdays blog. Hey it only seemed essential to include this again today. If you asked me three years ago “changing your routine and how you handle the fuckery that is going to come your way and lead you to your destiny” my response to you would of been “LIES.” If you would of told me I was going to write a book and become a blogger working on her second degree to become a psychologist, I would of simply said:

The one thing that I realized in this journey is that I was my worst critic ever. After taking accountability of the things I had control of and started seeing the behavioral patterns of others, I realized that we all do this more often than we like to admit. When I started seeing what results when those who followed the misery loves company theory, that’s what coined the following generic phrase:

No thanks, I’m good with my own pendejadas thank you.

– Frieda Lopez Journey of an Unraveled Road
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The Importance of Change

Mikey Rox from the website “WiseBread” ( made a very important point in the beginning of his contribution for the site when he said “I was stuck in a rut.” Not to downplay his rut, but this bitch was on the highway to hell on the way gift wrapped and in a hand basket getting setup for the biggest the challenge in my entire lifetime that I am convinced I was destined for, the challenge of seeing if I would do the right thing. The truth of the matter is this was the path I made for myself to not only become limitless, but lead me on the road to happiness.

The Pre-Journey

When I first embarked on the “journey” of taking back the “self respect stolen” you better believe that I was scared out of my fucken mind. Maybe it was because I was in the wake of losing it all and had nothing else to lose that made me continue the fight, but the outcome was the proof I needed to show myself that I was more powerful than I gave myself credit. Rumor has it that during the merger, which originally Sprint having the rights to T-Mobile was the reason why T-Mobile now has the rights to Sprint, which let’s be real. I probably will never find out the real T.

The Benefits Outlined by Mikey Rox

Mikey Rox outlines this perfectly so I am not going to mess up a good thing as he’s on point with everything on this article, however I will say that happiness is the number one thing that I gained in when I embarked on this journey. Here is what you gain according to Mikey :

  1. Increased Energy
  2. Increased Productivity
  3. Increased Creativity
  4. Feelings of Happiness
  5. Enjoying New Experiences
  6. Being More Enjoyable to Be Around

In addition to this when you successfully change your routine you gain the additional according to Frieda:

  • Assurance of one’s self
  • Courage to face the impossible
  • Gratitude for the things you gained in life
  • Hope for a better tomorrow
  • Embracing your inner bonafide badass
  • The humility to laugh at yourself
  • The ability to identify the problems in your world
  • Being able to rationally tackle those problems
  • A new defined respect for yourself
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Taking Care Myself Like I Should

Ever since the bravery that was changing my routine (yes it takes bravery to change your routine) has made me realize one thing, we all have something going on in our life. I’ve always cared about others ever since I was a kid. One of the flaws that I had was I was a little overboard on the self sacrificing part, which it was hard for me to master the art of holding someone accountable. But taking accountability for the areas I could improve on is what helped me master it in the end. It made me realize the room for improvement I needed in a world where we are conditioned to be narcissistic. It helped me be a better example of the things that I expected and the things that I also gave in return. I know the perception might be that I am negative as I talk a lot about the social norm problems in the world. The difference is by identifying these enabled bad behaviors, it helps me improve as a person and as social behavioral blogger. I am one to be 100% transparent and I hold myself accountable in my book as well. If you have read the book, you know what I am talking about. The book is a “to be continued” of how I develop in the end as I hold myself to some higher than average standards. It’s the challenge I put upon myself to show those in real time. Why aim for the idealism of perfection as well? It’s silly and unrealistic. Why deflect the idealism of failure too. Keep swimming and don’t mind those who bring you down. Do you think I got to this point by listening to shellfish or sheep? If you are offended by that comment, take a chill pill and realize the world don’t evolve around you. I don’t care about you at the moment. You know how I’ll care, is when you care for yourself and for others. If we are going to say we are in this together, don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk.

On this journey, I recently met an amazing young women, a high school senior who single handedly with the support of her amazing mother launched what I want to say is the next big thing in lipgloss, a brand called Glossy Jae, which was introduced by my dear high school friend, another pack in my Wonder Woman crew who grew up in my hometown San Antonio, TX. Jessie Marie has a group that in the midst of COVID-19 has a Jessie Maries Vanity Table that does drawings and giveaways on the most amazing sets she creates herself. People would assume she’s not a makeup queen, but knowing this queen since we were in high school was the Audrey Hepburn of our high school hallways of Memorial High School. Funny thing is, I could write about the amazing talents that roamed the hallways of our little Westside High School and emphasis the unfairness that is of systematic. I don’t even know how I landed a full scholarship to NYU in 2001 as our high school wasn’t even on the map. Of course I gave up that scholarship due to my own pendejada of puppy love that in the end wasn’t love. But then I wouldn’t of met my late-finance who pasted away in the wake of 9-11, another traumatic event the world faced in my era. It wouldn’t of led me to this epic battle, where I did whatever it took to gain justice for myself and for those still fighting for their justice. Funny thing is that things happen how their suppose to happen, having those epic crossroads be the test that we need to determine our growth and our strength. I don’t regret any of it as it made me more powerful and helped me show others how to gain it. The gratitude that I gained in this journey is something I will never want to replace. I truly believe my come up is everyone’s come up and the most amazing thing is seeing those come up. It’s a beautiful thing to have someone reach their full potential. This week’s blogs will depict just that. Stating with what women face and the ugly truth of unfairness. Until then.

Your gurl,

Harvard from Da Hood

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Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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