The Power of Accountability

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Accountability is a major problem that our normal social norms doesn’t take. The perception of taking accountability is that we get crucified for our mistake. Le’t’s be real, when we make a mistake we are crucified fhat mistake. Believe it or not the promotion of tanking accountability is a thing that is done, but still not successfully completed. Here are the statistics of where accountability is promoted:

What Happens When You Take Accountability

Accountability is deemed as the perivial scarlet letter. However, this is the action that separates success and failure as people who take accountability become more successful in life, because of one factor, it empowers you to improve. That’s right. It helps you subconsciously empowers you to improve. Here is the article by Inc. that gives you the tools to empower your own life and gets you on track to becoming more successful. I will start this off by giving you the key points on how to get started just in case your not ready to dive right into it (

1 – Accountability starts with you

2 – You are Accountable

3 – Accountability is not a one-time thing

4 – Accountability applies to one and all

5 – Accountability cannot be delegated

6 – Accountability is the difference between success and failure

7 – You have to hold people Accountable

The Struggle of Holding People Accountable

The last step is the hardest one to be successful in, even for me. One of easiest traps to fall in is making excuses for those who we try to hold accountable. It might be because they are going through tough times or sorting out some emotional baggage, but in the end wrong is wrong. Plain and simple. We all at one point or another have treaded the gray area. Including me. During my service with T-Mobile and Sprint as a store manager, I didn’t become an effective leader until I stepped away from the gray area, having the same expectations and the same credo for everyone on my team. In the end it bit me in the ass during my trial and tribulation, but what happened was even more phenomenal. I became a true leader and stood up while standing on my own, which separates a leader from all the leaders. According to Forbes magaize, this is what makes a true leader (,

The Definition of a True Leader

The Meaningful Life Center defines leadership as the following: A true leader wants nothing more than to make people stand on their own, as leaders in their own right. Instead of trying to blind us with his or her brilliance, a true leader reflects our own light back to us, so that we may see ourselves anew. ( Some the most credited civil leaders and public figures who have been deemed true leaders are as follows:

There is huge list so I am going to just focus on the top ten in the world’s history ( But how cool would it be for a business or a corporation to have helped paved a way for a potential Julius Caesar, Jesus Christ, or even a future Martin Luther King Jr.

The Importance of Accountability

In the end we all make mistakes as we are biologically programmed to do so, thanks to a characteristic called human nature. It’s not the mistake that you make that should dictate anyone, it’s how you correct that mistake and remain consistent with it. Truth is, it make take more than one try to complete this, but it’s all about consistency in the end. Committing mistakes to our social norms is an automatic sentence to be crucified on the cross and another act of human nature, fear is the main reason why. But why be the cause of someone losing hope? Why not empower yourself in helping the person reach their full potential. Everyone preaches “we are in this together” or “all lives matter” but truth is what are you doing to prove this. It only takes one act of kindness to have someone gain hope. Didn’t you almost lose hope and if it wasn’t for that act of kindness that helped you along? What are your thoughts? Are you close to losing hope? Don’t. Just wait, it gets better.

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