The Misperception of Perception in COVID

First and foremost I want to apologize for the absence in my blog writing. Real talk, I needed to break away from writing about the ugly truth as COVID has hit harder home than I ever could imagine. With the death of Mama P it was hard, but having COVID hit closer home, it almost became a burden to attempt to write in a rational nature as it affected two family friends that I consider my second family and two of my childhood friends that was hanging on by the grit of her, teeth and one who experienced some complications that is starting to recover from this pandemic. In all honesty, I was devestated and not in the right mind to communicate to you guys as one of the things that I am still getting a grasp on in this journey is the ability to mourn in a healthy way. In attempts to be productive, I took a stab at planning the remainder of “The Rideshare Chronicle” but become unsuccessful, because the ugly truth was; your girl here had to mourn the loses and the fear of losing some people that knew me before I was a “bonafide badass.”

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Many of us have had a loss or a dissapointment prior to the pandemic, but any of you all that have had one during this pandemic might be wondering why it’s harder to cope with this in this era. True is, we are living through a traumatic event as living through a pandemic is actually a traumatic life event where it has disrupted our normal way of living. If you are wondering why you are much more emotional and much more erratic, it’s perfectly normal to be way more off than normal as the entire world is feeling off. However, in order to avoid falling into a situation where it goes into a slippery slope of what could be deemed as a severe mental health problem, one of the things we must do is admit the feelings we are feelings, as it’s perfectly normal and begin the grieving process in order to heal from the trauma that we are currently encountering as one of the biggest awakenings that I experienced during this pandemic is someone’s actions in their mental illness that this pandemic has brought upon. I mentioned in a previous blog about the act of cruising (the new way people hook up), but this past week the actions that have taken place have raised some questionable situations that would make someone else who is unaware of what’s going on, feel like they are in a real life version of the movie “Scream.”

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Since I am a social behavioral blogger, I get it we all are coping with this in ways to make ourselves feel better. No judgement what so ever. I am not going to even point fingers at those individuals who do this either. I will say that narcissism plays a vital role on the misperception of the act, as many of these individuals see this as a way of flirting. But the truth of the matter is, this is a situation that requires those who enable this bad behavior to stop. One of the things prior to the pandemic, one of the points that I talk about in my book is that “we already were enabling bad behavior” which in turned is part of the reason why many “don’t take accountability” because of the fact that we as individuals do not know how to be transparent and let someone know when they cross our boundaries. Adding a pandemic into the equation just increasing that rise as the pandemic has put all of us in a “survival mode” which depending on the unresolved trauma, can lead to some unnecessary things and without the inability to be empathetic and taking things personal, can make an effect to a cause more catastrophic than it normally would. Check out the article from the Washington Post below.’

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So I am not one to embarrass anyone at all as once again I have empathize on the situation, but one thing that I will not tolerate is the act of being disrespectful where in the three situations I’ve been put in while in grief, the boundaries I set up and the confrontation where I made it perfectly clear where in the situation that having portable video surveillance, in one situation having the hotel I was trying to get work at pulled up by the request of a bystander who was concerned for my individual safety which had the hotel during my checkout apologies and say someone reported the incident and wanted to make sure it didn’t hinder my business with them, and one incident that during ridesharing the cop pulled the individual over and I over as the police officer had concerns that I was being stalked as I didn’t realize I was being followed (which turned out to be a misperception by the driver which ended up by the law enforcements choice was booked as this is a form of domestic violence) is the a new social phenomenon that has been occurring. According to some other accounts from other individuals, it’s been a consistent situation that in all fairness I feel is truly a misunderstanding as systematics plays a big role in how it’s being interpreted. However as human nature is unpredictable, one can’t be to careful.

One of the things that we have to be aware is this. The pandemic is bringing up some weird and strange behaviors occurring all around us. The natural reaction is to act like it isn’t there, but truth is, we can’t afford that luxury anymore. The truth is, these social behaviors which technically would be deemed as behavioral isolation in the biology world happens to often. We always ask why we don’t have change? It’s because we never empower ourselves to stop these things from happening. We all have a presents, a impact in the world we live around us. We just need to start realizing that we have the ability to knock down so many barriers. What do you think? Have you experienced some erratic activity in your world since COVID?

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Frieda Lopez is a Texas Native, born in the heart of San Antonio's West Side Community. Frieda attended Lanier High School and primarily attended Memorial High School where she graduated with the class of 2001. Raised in a blended family dynamic, Ms. Lopez gained her noble character from the women she admired and loved the most, her grandmothers. Frieda attended Alamo Community College where she majored in Liberal Arts primarily studying on biology, sociology, philosophy, psychology, and creative writing and shortly attended University of Incarnate Word. She gained a MBA from AIU and has actively participated in local fashion shows until she moved to Houston returning back August 2019. She began her career in healthcare, where she gained the skill of being able to not only resolve conflicts but reach out and engage in the community through her time serving as health care relations customer care and outreach representative. After being let go from her employer which she last served as a Customer Relations Representative for DentaQuest, she began her journey in retail where she came part of the leadership team a month of working as a part time representative for MarketSource and build a relationship with her local Target team. She later served five years with Amtel T-Mobile as a Store Manger after moving to Houston to pursue a management position with unfortunately ended in adversity which opened the opportunity of writing her first book "Journey of an Unraveled Road" will be releasing her second book a fiction based series titled "The Rideshare Chronicles" with the first book to the installment titled "Destination Destiny."

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