We Interrupt this Regularly Scheduled Program – Breaking News – Minority Bigotry is on the Rise

So of course we all know that I have a scene of theme relatedness when it comes to my blogging. As yesterday what is meant to be scheduled was about the blah blah blah of dating, which honestly for me seems very out of context for me as, lets be real. I have no real interest in dating. however has reason for me to talk about as dating has a psychological presence behind it on the interactions, intentions, and the motives from the person behind the screen. However based on the things that I have been talking about as of late then have a dramatic turn to “dating” seems like I was running out of things to write about. Truth is with “The Journey of Others on an Unraveled Road”, “Rideshare Chronicles”, and trying to get “The Journey of an Unraveled Road” off the ground and have me gain more income so I can start executing the plans that I have that helps others with my come has been a bit discouraging. In all essence. The weekend I took off felt like a big mistake in the end as the money that is coming in this week during Uber is definitely a little worrisome. Yesterday however that brought me crossing path with a very interesting and amazing man. Of course the first interaction was a bit standoffish as being “a chick” who calls shit out for what it is, can identify behavioral patterns, is intelligent, doesn’t entertain bullshit, and is able to defend herself in situations typically is either crazy, a feminist, or, a lesbian. Which he didn’t say all that, but it’s been the consensus of both men and women that I have come paths with. Like I say “we are all someone’s stereotype” in every first encounter. One of the most amazing things about this gentlemen was that you could tell had natural leadership qualities, had an impeccable integrity, and had a charming way of being able to communicate with people that tailored to individuality of speech. During my management days, this would be the person I would try to recruit as I saw a lot of management potential. There was something that he was hiding that he purposely dodged which I had a feeling that I know was deflection from judgement which commonly comes in my systematic geographical area. The reason was the time he served in jail for a petty accusation that was unjustifiably their truth due to the demographic they were biologically born into which also included the “low-income” community he inherited, and the abuse of power that is the American perception.

“The Journey of an Unraveled Road” was my personal journey of me not only resolve unresolved issues that resulted to the conditioning of bad behaviors, a trend of behavioral addictions that I also help contain and break from that despite all I gained individually gave me the compassion for others that had deflecting their personal feelings about themselves that resulted to an unjustified system that is American social norms. The norms that we purposely belittle others to boost up our egos to chase a dream, a purpose, a right we all think we have, but the ugly truth is that we don’t. Because of the social normalizing that we all been conditioned to think all depends on the sense of perfection to biologically imperfect creatures that result to the mistakes that we in human nature are biologically program to form in a fight or flight situation, that in the end has all of us retaliating against one another to have the spot of being successful and happy in the end. Where we also belittle the immigrants who come to make a better life for future generations that we take advantage of due to our perception of the advantage that we are. Not following the ideology of “equal rights” where we all become conditioned to feel have gained a “special privilage” due to the disadvantages we all passive aggressively know but never wan to admit to. because the ugly truth is that it is the biggest “fear” we have in making it to the destination of success and happiness. Because those who content with what they gained as it’s showing “gratitude” for the things we were blessed with. But the truth is resentment takes it’s ugly toll because somewhere along the way, someone made the decision that we were not cut out for it. Because even those that have gained a association will never be truly one of the elite. Because America perception is full of bigotry prejudice that if we play our role, will eventually have all of us make the difference for all, which we lose sight of because of the things those in the same boat suffer when someone decides they no longer belong in that specific tax bracket.

Samuel Adams was one of the first people to believe that a “majority” entrance was not the best. In fact he embraced the changes that “minority” inclusion could evoke in the end. To be honest, we have betrayed the desire that one of our founding fathers wanted and saw for America. Truth is we all are conforming under a deluded perception.

Today during a errand at a local store, I had another person that assumed that I was up to no good which had AP force me to into their office to interrogate me in a very contradicting and racist manor. As a matter of fact, the AP individual of condescending and also using his male intimidation that did not get the response that he wanted. When he insulted my intelligence, I called him out on it, when he deflected my reaction, I proudly said why he was getting the response I was getting, and when he used an empty threat, I told him that I am going to use my gained resource that he assumed I didn’t have by the way I was dressed and by the things I didn’t flaunt. Which had me call my legal team (my Harvard badass) and asked her what do in this situation as I was currently in this. When I passed him the phone, his proud and confident face turned into fright and into the “oh shit” which then he passed the phone over to me and told her “I will call you back when I am done” and this is when I let him have it and how he is the reason why many people do bad things. Which had the man break down in tears. I was furious. Which his “I am not racist, your being dramatic and emotional” told him why he was a sexist and why his insulting my intelligence was all the means for me to file the lawsuit against his organization that will ruin his life forever. That I should do this because he deserved this. But that I am not going to do it because I am not an opportunist and that I am not here to make a quick buck because I have a bigger purpose. That because everything he assumed is why this always happens to me in store settings, public settings, and social norm settings and that I refuse to let someone else dictate what really happened as the media will always report what they want the public know to avoid panic, outrage, and even prevent a potential revolution on these things, because this could happen to him in a sexist part where a female can accuse him of raping her even if he didn’t and still probably go to jail for this, because she is abusing her position of power as a female to get back at him for giving her something that she wanted. Because another things is that “we all want the things” and we have just became people that are so use to bending the truth to try to get leverage in the “little white lies” and that because of that I am not going to do that. That even through my humiliation I am not going to “get even” but that I was going to email the organization to let them know what happened today and why this common culture has been noticed not only in this establishment in San Antonio but has been seen living in Houston that is making seem like a untrustworthy and unhappy place to work, because even their employees in both cities have vented in their desperation why this is becoming a cultural norm for their organization.

This brought me to thinking about some of the things that are also a part of our American History, American Crime Organizations, some with a strong standing that all brought down by the law for the wrong things they were doing. Which brings me to the story of someone who in chance encounter, feel is going to be a lifetime friend and presence in my life. Despite of all the that he has tried to prove that he wants to make a difference to become a better person has many companies not giving the chance and his probation officer only getting him a job making sandwiches at Subway. Which grateful in many ways for getting this job, still not being enough to help his family and raise his daughter. Which one of the common situations in these scenarios that I have seen my whole life in my community is the injustice that happens after. As this is the never ending fate to many individuals where they bust their ass, do everything right but go back to old ways of crime. It’s not always the “greed” that comes in going into these situations, it’s because people stereotype them to be nothing more than a bottom feeder. Where they end up getting blamed for something they didn’t do because the word of those with bad intentions who pretend to be “good” people end up abusing the position of having a clean record to blame those who made a mistake. That because someone who sees what I see will never be able to get farther than where they are because of the fact that they honest and transparent (more than ever) because of their willingness to prove they are honest people, end up not getting heard out because their always to people “criminals” and assumed to commit those allegations that no one even investigates. Which brings me to my point. Al Capone was one of the most famous gangster leaders in American History. He was made a bad guy because of the things that he did, which wrong is wrong. Where people never seem to ask why did he do this? The portrayal of the events that takes place first starts from a bias psyche already belittling the man for the crimes he committed and not seeing what’s in hindsight which is the injustice of a justified system. Which I ask myself if he was given a fair chance, what good could he have done which he had a rap sheet of perfectly executed organized crime scenarios that afforded him the loyalty of others who followed him in being the

anti-hero in America where “the law” was the enemy. Not because of getting away from the crimes he committed, but because of the injustices that were done to him during his life. Where not having the rational mindset had him doing more and more crimes which truth be told got better and better. Deemed as a “menace to society” by situation is the only reason why he was put in that situation because the truth is, social norms would have let him be nothing more than just that. Because the natural born leader he naturally had was all going to waste by the bias decisions and the moral of those in the judicial system. One thing that we all have seen in our lifetime is the corruption in what’s made to be good organizations which happens in selfish motive. But what if he was given a fair chance to succeed? What could he have been? Could he have been a person to establish a crime fighting rink against the things that are currently going on like human trafficking and child pronography? He was a humanitarian and showed compassion to his community. Why would that be so hard to believe? He was in crime activity that gave him the street smarts to out maneuver and bring down some of the current menaces that we currently face which is perception of biased power for certain demographics. Why is it so hard for us to not have faith that this would of happen? Because of one mistake that we did and the we learned and improved on changing? So I end this blog with this and begin my next blog topics coming to be. Something that shows the what if’s in a bad situation to those who showed leadership and showed the desire and need to change to do better in their life to be part of society and where things turned into the opposite direction in history. The People vs. Larry Flint was the perfect example of this. He did some bad things but those in self-righteous intent also did as well to try to shut him down on a right he had which was “freedom of speech” which in his white dominance that he had leverage on won. But what if it was a African American, Mexican American, Chinese America,. or Indian American. Would they have had the same success? Probably not. This truthfully a case close situation due to racism. The questions I have that is a personal you only reflection made for you to think about which I hopes gets you little bit of understanding and compassion. If you say you never did one immoral thing to get ahead, then your a lying piece of shit and you have no business moving on with this part of my blog series. if your gonna be a good person and be honest with yourself, then lets continue. So out of all those immoral things which one could have been deemed illegal? What if you got caught? Based on the things going on now, and with sincere honesty, would you have a fighting chance to prove your case? Where did that action come from? Who prevented you from getting what you worked hard of gaining and deserving from getting what you worked for? These are the questions we should start pondering. Which in that situation, the ripple effect that affects us all usually will always come from the injustices that someone caused us. Once you think about this honestly and rationally, the questions we want to start asking ourselves moving on in these next blog series will be this? Are we good with the system we have? Or is it now more than ever, truly the time we all come together unitedly and start working to that together? More than even, I feel even more so after the things that happened to me today, is definitely the time.

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Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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