Realism in Greek Mythology – Mortals Inspiring Legend

One of the many things that is human nature is the inability to see the hope in a never ending battle between good and evil. Those with that lost hope conform to the extremity which is the naiveness of those who for whatever deem, become the immortal untouchables that are portrayed in ancient folklore and mythology. One of my many obsessions that proceeds me is the fascination of Greek mythology. Many of these stories when the research is made behind the history of it becomes the stories that all come from a time of oppression and lost hope where the untouchables in their human nature develop a stigma of absolute power and arrogance begin to see those with the same beginning as commoners who the world can do without. The Odyssey is one of those many tales where Ulyesses which written by Homer, was the story of a fallen king who forced to the normalcy without a royal title. Where many claiming Ulyesses being a douchebag based on his history, was made to portray the positive and negative aspects that is human nature. Where the Odyssey was the story that helped him recover his humanity turning this tale into a epic adventure that shows the growth and determination that is the battle in adversity. Where the end result made him a legend by the growth he gained in a naive mentality. As those who are not receptive of the possibility that evil can somehow turn good also neglect the possibility that good can also turn evil. As the hit series “Lucifer” has shown on the FOX turn Netflix series portrays where the King of Darkness questions the human qualities he gains which is love, compassion, and empathy. As Dark Vader later on in the “Star Wars” series showed was one character that went from good turned evil, which in the “Empire Strikes Back” has Luke Skywalker faced with the difficult challenge that gains resentment for the Jedi power in the new Star Wars series where Rei is forced to figure things out for herself.

In the spirit of this blog and the “mythological” theme, mortal crossroads are the rage in story telling that is national news. Where the untouchables put in the compromising spotlight report prior the local disasters happening amongst the everyday people. Where crimes committed both intentionally and non-intentionally by thoughtlessness are the makings of those pained by an injustice seeking closure caused by those who deemed those harmed “not valuable to society” put themselves in a situation that questions there motive. The entitlement that reflects comes from their inability to assure that those harmed are really okay as they flee the scene when unintentional I believe is now made as assuming their value over the one’s they harm. If you really put it into perspective, the same goes for those intentionally harmed in the presence of spectators which only is justified by those who see the same rational in the presence of from one of many blind eyes use to justify the reasoning. Making the majority technically the evil of all current storytelling. As the majority only stops to think of the things that affect them with no disregard of the things that will happen to those victims. Which “you did this to yourself” becomes contradictory as the only reason why this happened was because you chose the wrong side. That realism always shows is one of many motives behind one’s intent, as human nature has other motivators that make them choose the opposing side. Not because of the true intention. Because in today’s world, it’s the only way the mortals get vindication in hopes of doing something for the greater good later in life.

One belief I gained that correlates with one of the many theories in Greek mythology is the ability to redeem oneself in the darkness made by mistake. One of the main reasons why the majority deflect and utilize power and influence to be deemed righteous the one thing that we all know but don’t say is “that you are crucified for the mistakes you make” that once in the presence of thoughtlessness becomes the being you are caste to be for the rest of your life. Where sickness and circumstance make those afraid to be associated with it also become stricken with such burden. While in the presence of attempting to gain everything we deserve becomes the biggest demise in the our journey where, we personally may not be inflicted by the things we cause, but the families we bring in become the one’s to be punished for the evils that we engage in by the goals of success, happiness and wealth.

One of the many things that we begin to find in modern day Western civilization is that the evils that we neglected to see where not from the everyday people, but those in religious leadership roles that is the Christianity faith, which only focusing on the Catholic denomination give those the leverage to demonize this same religion being naive to think that their own faith does not do the same. As evil does not discriminate on any religion, which one of the phenomenon that my story telling which admits the ugly truth have revealed that almost all child molestations that inflicted by a religious leader has taken place in every religious organization from Christian to Wiccan. Which the competition to be the most superior hurt the one thing that we in our good intentions come from which giving our families the best life they deserve become the victims of a misguided venture that becomes blinded by hate, vanity, power, and righteousness. That completely blinded makes us believe the accusations are false and untrue. That the good done all stems from lack of gratitude. Leaving those victim resentful and those with good intention the motivation to bring those powers down. Where in the act where resentment and the naiveness that denies those with unhealed pains, becomes the vendetta that makes those voluntarily victim of cross fire as if further looked upon may see all the overlooked warning signs that reveal the true evil behind the people they follow.

Religion has been one of the many enabling factors that makes those who swear they see their imperfections victim to the thoughtlessness they possess by those who’s intentions are not in the right place. The influence that many of these entities carry are followed through blind faith that in many interactions become defensive in the light that a questionable action is made a personal vendetta. Those who tend to do this have shown to be guilty of something that they want no one to be aware of. Rationality although subjected false demonizing is one of the things I realized is ultimately the reason for this. As those who don’t admit their wrongs or past sins use as leverage to criminalize those courageous to admit it in a manipulative act where dishonest intent stems from . How many times have you had this happen by someone who thought was better than you? Most of us deny it as a way of those thinking it’s a ploy to find a flaw that shows your unappreciative, others the motive to discredit your goodness, and others the reasoning to influence those who see you as virtuous. Because one of those things that allows this to be acceptable, is the inability to be honest of the things narcism creates. The false perception that one has of themselves.

The saying is true that things can’t be translated for what they really are, as the enabling factor of today’s social norm is the entitlement that we developed. Truth is hypothetically in good intent we were conditioned to believe everything we are told as long as they have physical proof of the rewards they talk about. Which in hindsight eliminate the behavioral pattern that was taken to get there. In this world where everything should be picture perfect without the mistakes and the vagueness of growth omits the cause and effect those mistakes occured, leaves many blind and the questionable of what really was the way those in power rose up. Because it’s hard to believe that no one evil could have made it as far as they did without them being evil in the venture. As those who made evil don’t thought to consider the behavioral pattern of wickedness and were they always wicked in the first place. The wickedness from those once good became the lose of hope that real talk I also played a part to. Because those seeking fair redemption get thrown into a category of social norms called “the undesirable and the incapable.”

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Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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  1. You are very welcome! and you are absolutely right about some not speaking. Start living and empower oneself, that definitely is needed. Surely I will visit you again. You have a Voice and I have heard it! Keep moving and Living!

  2. That mean so much to me. Thank you. I felt as a writer it was time to say what we all want to say but don’t say. I understand many will disagree and that’s okay. If they find themselves stuck in the limbo that is our society, regardless of it gains popularity there is a way to get out, start living, and empower oneself as it’s starts within the individual. I’m deeply touched. 🙏🏼❤️

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