Modern Mythology That is Marvel – Morals in the Modern Millenia

One of the many things that shapes the way of storytelling that explores the lessons and the unknown the modern era’s are faced with. Marvel and DC are those storytellers of todays pop culture mania. As we approach the horizon of what “Phase 4” has to offer what’s to come based on the theories and the potentials those can expect within these “Easter Eggs” leaves the most important thing that many of these stories portray based on the lessons that we all fail to see. The morale of the storytelling on the most remarkable stories in these two universes that we all anticipate in our modern day reality.

The most recent of the Avengers Movies “End Game” has revealed one of the most powerful villains that took an army to deflect and a powerful resource to destroy, Thanos. Human nature is the entity that possesses the possibility of both good and evil. One of the universal quotes that can be applied to both good and evil will the one he states which is:

“The hardest choices require the strongest will”

Thanos – Marvel Comics

Which in hindsight was the motive to force the things that he felt in self rightous ententes was needed to assure to overall balance in the galaxy. Many of those who will debate that this is of fiction basis cannot neglect the fact that many of the “fictitious” believes of extraterrestrial exisistence and the existence of multi universes become contradiction as the many discoveries that science has already made aware as portals that lead to a reflective world similar to ours and the discovery of neighboring galaxies are what use to be fiction, the reality many of us refuse to believe.

One of the most recent solo Marvel films which is Captain America is the one that many of us can recently recall. As the storyline from a villain made superhero used rationality and truth to determine what in the end was the for the greater good. Which what hindered this rationality was the doubt and insecurity she had within herself and the things that she was made to believe as truth.

Natasha Romanova better known as Black Widow who also started off as a villain in the acts set by her war crimes is another storyline we anticipate the origins that made her into the hero that she became in the end of “End Game” as her sacrifice to give up her own life was made to save the greater good that is humanity. As we are aware of the crimes that she committed, her ability to remain humble was what prevented her from the self righteous mentality of those who “knew better” in the end.

Nebula, one of my favorite character developments shows the compassion gained by the things that she ended up not having the ability to gain was the compassion gained by the heartbreak of losing the only family she gained “the loss of her sister” into the motivation to stop their father in the pursuit to end humanity when he sacrificed the one thing she resented for the sake of absolute power, his beloved daughter Gamora.

Shuri, the most bubbly and intellegent of the Black Panthern storyline. The baby of the bunch and sometimes underminded always able to see the positive of things, always was able to improve a process that in both failure and conquest, always had a way to improve the process to improve or strengthen it. Making her one of the many faces in the Black Panthern victories that could not be made without the cunningness and intellegence she possessed.

When I first embarked in this at first made to be a “waste of time” became a “personal and selfish motive” to get ahead when the little progress I gained was starting to show some result. The one thing no one ever bothered to ask was until my book also assumed to be “unpublished” became all the reason for those to assume a “false perception” of “self motive”. Which the truth behind this when I first started was not to a motive in “selfish motive” but of “selfless motive” as the things those neglect to see and the dangers and the possibilities that could come out of their idealism was the same naiveness I thought when the things that happened were never suppose to happen. Truth is I didn’t think people were that selfish.

One of the motive that I admired about Carol Danvers was that the selfish motive that she possessed wasn’t of the personal gain she was getting out of her actions, but the the limits that she allowed as those who “knew better” always said that the control she didn’t have was all because of her emotions.

In hindsight the one thing that I recognized within all of us is somewhere along the line we limited ourselves to the things that others made us feel we couldn’t achieve. Those in pride will say no as the being content is a personal choice they chose. Which truthfully it was a choice to stay content but the irony and the one thing that breaks my heart in this truth is that the happiness they perceive ins’t true happiness. If that was the case then “why do you have the need to belittle those who’s foolish and unrealistic perception you decided making the idea that you only are looking out for the best interest. Where the truth to that would be as the intention may be, your still forcing someone to stop by the abuse and the embarrassment you purposely dish when giving them the pros and cons and helping them develop a backup plan would also serve as the positive form of looking out there best interest.” Which has me ask “how do you really feel?”

Out of the many things I realized is that many in their negative perception based on life experience all have them believing the same thing which is the fear that stems from being left behind. The one thing that I feel keeps those pulled apart from all the right people and together with those wrong people is the fact that depending on the deliver is used as leverage by those who really feel in the end is an “injustice to them” as in many of these situations when the truth comes out and those who with the courage and the realism that this may be something that they never accomplish, becomes the “Cinderella Story” that they made for themselves showing those who doubted them that anything can be done in the end.

The irony of fear is that is something that we can only dodge temporarily as the things we fear always come to fruition. Some in a small scale that only effects our feelings to the catastrophic scale that those prejudice to those with illness face as COVID-19 has made the ugly truth we face today, where still in naive mentality is the excuses used for the lack of responsibility by the extremist who make them believe is just hoax. Because if you don’t face your fears now, may be the demon that ends up being your demise. As the demon has always been closer than you think. Because truth is, it was in your inner social group.

Circumstance is what in the end makes those believe the half truths told to be the ultimate truth. I once said that we all to often don’t see the big picture, which circumstance is what catches those off guard. Many of those who “know better” may never be hindered by these truths, but never avoid completely because the fear they use to scare those who don’t share the same opinion become the witness in tragedy that end up seeing those they love and remain close to be the victims of the things they never saw coming as they were exempt by the groups they socialize with, the tax brackets they worked for, and the people they avoided kept them safe and secure in a world that is full of unrealistic securities.

One of the many quotes that come from the Marvel universe is that of

“Intelligence is a privilege, and it needs to be used for the greater good of people.”

Marvel Comics

which is something that we take for granted. The many things that we refuse to pass along is the knowledge to survive and to persevere which to the side you are on takes as a slap in the face when you disagree with the things that they don’t stand for. Because the ungratefulness and the guilt of betrayal is the price you pay to not gain the support that everyone should have a right to. As being human is the hardest thing to do in a world where perceptions are a myth from those who have ill intention. But at the same time those intentions come from a motive that comes from a place of hurt and injustice which makes those injustices a common problem we all end up facing. That in a world that those who gain success need to have self interest, the half truth they share never is the full truth which to society shows the weakness and vulnerability that made them “ignorant” to the common human blind eye. That those who maintained their greatness worked hard and perfected their judgment by the same people that in selfishness reveal. Regardless of what happens to me in this journey win or lose, the one thing that would be the game changer in all this, is the things perception that I give is “stupid and naive” is only doing the right thing that in the end is mutually something everyone should have done in the beginning. And in the moment if ever I was rewarded for doing what’s good in the end is the trend that everyone will begin to follow, trying to duplicate the same result. Where in that case if ever given that baton that was passed, will be determined by the someone who saw that my heart is in the right place, until then will continue to do my thing and say the things that those still hateful say “is a waste of time” and “stupid” still pointing my mistakes as to why I am a phony because of the little things like grammar and spelling I make mistakes on, with a journey I never planned to be on. Which is being a writer. Because in the words of Carol Danver’s “I got nothing to prove to you”.

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Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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