Symbolism of Pop Culture Realism – Ignorant Bliss of Fear

Fear is a fickle foe when it comes to all that is human nature. Which trauma, the emotional trigger in the time table that destiny has control of one variable the forces of nature that is mother nature where the undeterminable factoring moment where the things destined don’t fall into plan is in the hand of human nature. Where in fear, becomes the source of all good and the source of all evil, as cataclysmically the personal choices made has an effect on a world where those who haven’t been nurtured to find the passion in the nitch they born to be masters at manipulated by the perception in fear that those manipulate to work towards their favor become the “who’s dick is bigger” making those with a bigger dick be shamed for being above and beyond the standard size. Because taking the safe route where it’s gonna hurt either way you look at it, so might as well settle for me” has those who use to be the rising stars become the misfits of the social norm. Because lets admit, after high school things were never what they perceived. For some seeing the future after high school the thing that those unable to attain then, have a chance to be the one to attain world domination. Which now everyone who is inclusive doesn’t like what the shining star does, has the leverage to regardless of the harm she doesn’t have on you as shown otherwise keeps those living n the past something that they relive. Which unable to see the potentials show that those she resents see taking it as personal when the false perception become fake news as it’s impersonal, has those trying to find themselves to accomplish things worth fighting for. Because the “for the greater good” comes from a place where as a misfit, it still wasn’t good enough. While pushing towards the new finish line as the finish line was only the hurdle that held her back, if taken personal and selfish as the reality would be flipped. That in that truth the “all for one and one for all” really would be “one for all and all for none” Because the version that those perceive is the person who they are and in denial desperate to find the flaw that disproves this. Because already faced with this when nothing to lose was realized when destiny testing patience and virtue would of been not wasting time writing. As the person that yoou believe to be truth is the same that would belittle and degrade you, because having everything to prove in a superficial and obnoxious way would be posting these pictures of the rewards gained being all truth. Because that person wouldn’t have given up the chance with new representation that gave more leverage to the recording I sent to her and not the previous team, as the naiveness they thought which showed in their actions that they saw no value in winning, neglected to see the underlying message that in the emails sent, the tone in the email all showed that the intention was premeditated as the emails from the new leadership followed after stepping up, the same tone and the same actions that with a call log and the recordings to just prove i called was all the leverage needed to show that with the prior cases at Sprint was unfair to women who had stronger personalities since the buddy system in a visit to corporate showed the same Stepford Wife Behavior

So before I begin this next paragraph on my blog thank you so much for continuing to follow me and read the blog and the book it shows how much courage and rationality you have to tolerate the bullshit I write about. It’s not easy to face things we don’t admit, don’t understand, and still receptive to the ideology on the experiences that you may not have fortunate been put into. Just means that you are one of the good ones as those who haven’t gotten a copy yet, will give clarity on the rational I have. I still don’t know how I ended up gaining this as “the rollercoaster of life” made this venture of writing a blessing that I earned and have gratitude for as little as its made by others. Those who check up on me to use it to measure my worth, stop as the only thing I want is for one day if ever needed have a reference guide on my experiences to empower you own experiences hoping that in that moment, you have gained your power. And those who see these things for what they are but still think it’s not for you since it doesn’t apply. Keep that ideaology as the whereever this journey takes me, if it ever gets me on the same battlefield, we will have to swap exchange knowledge and insight as I will need to be given the advantage to know what I am facing and still respectful of the house rules put my own flair that is my originality. It gains the open door that if for whatever reason your trapped in a corner and thrown from grace, I will continue to assure that way back in is fair and in the worst case scenario I will fuck shit up with you. If rational and morale is not something mutual based on entitlement. But rest assured, the transparency and the unbias opinion will never be part of the equation. Which in this analogy, my Algebra teacher from high school would be excited as this is the math analogy we were told and thought we never use. Life in hindsight is like a mathematical equation. Taking the prime variables (the things we biologically have no control over) given the absolute variables (the things that we can confirm as absolute evidential truth) that the constant variable (which is time) identifying the constant variable (the things that we know about our selves and the way we resolve them) which depending on the current exponent (the way you perceived it then) in the act of inverse (through reflection see the how they are) can define the exponential decay (stigmas that you made in the opinion of others your truth) will realize that your individual life equation can be made as complicated as you need to as the only thing you really need to focus on is figuring out the solution away from the negative primes (the people unsure of themselves) which those willing to put effort in solving the equation that is you the ones willing to make the effort to begin building relationships as you also begin to solve their equation without the use of anything else other than your brain. Where variable (positive or negative) can make the things you resented the most into the best things you experienced as the gratitude in the growth, which many have seen is relevant through these blogs make those who need a calculator the teacher and the owner of that is you as the greatest common factor (the reason why they pass or fail) is all on those who take control of their life on their terms. As opinions and debates will not have any relevance as the product that comes from this equation is the basis of the product sought after that depending on the product it is, can be either attained by all or by some. As the product sought after is the luxury item that only those with the resources gained can be attained. Where those who need social groups to feel successful that in denial use as a way to degrade, don’t realize the value your attaining is the brand that when the struggle becomes real, as long as it’s not the brand item it will do until I can buy the brand I really want. Which now makes the idea of popularity that those who become untouchable make it, based on the equation of their life, added some things to the equation that some don’t understand, some don’t comprehend, and in the irony of it, can’t be resolved by the mathematician themselves where falling from grace becomes a moment where people just “win the lottery of life” and don’t know how to get back as the equation without adding the complex fractions is enough to give up, which is not found as the research used to start the problem was discarded out of pride that the product made would not need to be reproduced.

The undertimable variable that is the human species is the one thing we never stop to think about that now able to see things in live action as they developed with the wonders of technology and evolution with a purpose to make life more manageable is the fact like fashion and genres in music and the expression of one’s individuality is that pop culture and the historic events that take place within those trends symbolize a repreosentation of the iconic events not beautiful and in severe cases of tragic in the motive to terrorize, one of the many things that still is not made fact as racism now evolved into what is systematic racism is what when those who fall in the 2% of the world population, untouchable in the limelight and unknown to remain annonynous becomes the same iconic films and music that thought emotion express the past, present, and future hopes and concerns by those who are gracious enough to gain the popularity. Where in a era, where fashion determined by the Queen of Fashion Anna Wintour paved a standard that she rightfully own that she worked hard to which now with the “participation award recipients” who deem it unfair not to be able to achieve as those in the generation prior gained the popularity that which in human nature good or evil has forced Western Civilization to in good or evil intent have those now included and faced with a truth which told by those who degrading end up engaging in bad behaviors to protect the fear they have which in pride is looking down of those less fortunate as this is their self reassurance they need to contain the truth that depends on each individual, the motive, and the personal choice that is free will. Which in hindsight also bends the knee and kisses the right to someone above their social class and tax bracket. Which once booted off the island, uses victimizing which depending on the intention begins a ripple of bad behaviors that we at some point lost sight of the basic fundamentals that is mutual respect and integrity. The trend being more frequentt as those who neglect the precautions through their now perceived future that through false perception, seeing themselves as royalty that those underneath them see as peasants. Where the 2% that funds and invests in the things we enjoy in our everyday working class life enjoys on breaks, the media and the entertainment that is leisure time. Where those same 2% I feel invest to relay the messages that in our ignorance neglect to see that the reason why in iconic movies as “Pretty Woman, Kill Bill, Legally Blonde, and the protagtagonist that bring to live a apocalyptic world based on the foundation of terror, The Walking Dead that the standard we identify and relate with is just the external shell of that person, but the character and uniqueness above the fiction and non-fiction criticism those characters face in your world is that in the end

  1. They accept the reality that is their social foundation.
  2. Adapt to the ever changing story line and handle the irony, the climax, and all that is the obstacles in everyday life.
  3. Able to take whatever occurs in the storyline still preserve their uniqueness with a new perception which now aware of their ability can handle whatever comes their way (which in sequals always tends to be the same result)

Now those in denial and still doubt ny intellegence where the sequels are never good because it is unpredictable. Which is the reason why some of those individuals have the same predictable outcome which the life we life in isn’t something from a happy ending. Some born into situations where the undeterminable variables kept them from the luxury which is a normal standard, which in hindsight makes the parents of those less fortunate which Generation X in the cusp of change had some who were able to afford it gain access to internet that was not needed since less fortunate, worked my ass to not only contribute but afford the ability until college was when able to gain it out of conveneince was easier as the two jobs I was working both full-time and the class schedule I was spreading myself thin, was all the motivation I needed to complete it on my own terms. In hindsight some people chose not go to college since they had to out the gates made to work, and those who manipulated when government assistance came into play was the pitch which no doubt was intended for “good” as it is made to help, became a dynasty of lost hope but the parents now with that same lost hope would help for the greater good became the last attempt to gain a fair chance, where those children now influenced by others who in what was glorified arrogance then became the problem that we see as narcissism in society, where the perceptions we attain and hold is what will get us across the finish line, now with the factor that is self preservation is the reason why in times where the percepton that certain crime and violence occurs in just isolated is now a time where we focus on ourselves which now capitalism in self preservation that those wanting equality exclude those in that under normal circumstance be inclusive now is the your not latin enough, white enough, or black enough that we see these days. Where once safeguarded by the things we seek for self gratification is the desensitizing that is the Alexandria scenario from The Walking Dead when a city proven to be safeguarded gets compromised as the thoughtlessness which by naive pride made those who went all in and desensitized the fact that adapting is a thing of the past which in Episode 76 “No Way Out” come to find out that the over protection given to Sam Anderson the son of Jessie Anderson which unknowingly, set him up for failure due to his phobias that he carried with him from a past he still living has no relevance in this world. That the codependencies and uncertainty in himself that was nurtured by his mom with good intention which in the temporary perception of perfect, coached as best as Rick Grimes did in the moment of doubt called for his mom now seperarted went against the direction of Rick and as his mom watched, witnessed in trauma her son devoured where life as it was over which in her guilt gave up in terror. The effect this cause played into was the resentment that Ron Anderson had as later on in the show attempts to kill Carl and killed by Carl who enotionally and physically affected as Ron shot a gun that left Carl Grimes handicapped with one eye. where the same thoughtlessness, had Ron blame Carl for the death of his mom when truth is, regardless of how he tried had no control over it. Which in turn becomes the threats and the dangers that we don’t take into consideration unit it’s too late. Where the narcissist of the world in a theory stemmed from the pop culture “fan world” are the one’s amongst the living conditioned instinctively to attack those that already lost hope but undead physically, dead as hope for something greater is the attack that if not sure, become part of the same cultural phenomenon. Which without still unable to get genuine responses without the instinctual attack that is a fighting will to survive in this real case scenario setting is what makes the two analogies relevant. As to have hope amongst the living in the realism we all dodge, makes those individuals “wreckleess” and the ones that “demand them to put masks for the safety of others” but still fail to in other situations give the same mutual respect, one trauma whether personal, social, or natural event, that being comforable with yourself regardless of the actions from those who know better, the fiction world turned to real life. Which the undeterminable variable depends on those who make that personal choice themselves. Because as media shows it’s easy to get away with the dishonesty as the blind eye turns to those with that same blind eye, however share one similar view neglect the blind eyes that result from it, that continues to be the factors that those not effected yet, becomes the leverage also gained by those blind eyes that follow make the right thing a gray area. Which is why compassion to the real world is my weakness. Thanks to educational status that in the blind eye belittle as the result of my misfortune becomes the discriminatory reasoning of the unfairness we all end up being affected by. Karma not personally affecting us directly becomes the witnessing trauma which witnessing trauma also processed by the brain, becomes the hope we lose the leverage in entitlement.

“It’s easy to turn be get away with dishonesty when no one is watching as the leverage to justice is the majority of the similar blind eye shared. The truth is in that one similar view in misfortune in the hands of society is the injustice those in ignorance is the blind eye that makes the right thing, a gray area jeopardizing hope.”

Frieda López

Published by Frieda Lopez at Frieda the Writer

Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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