Intro to The Motives of A Journey Unraveled by the Ripples of Others

In “This is Me” that is featured in the movie in “The Greatest Showman” starts with the poweful lyric “I’m not a stranger to the dark, hide away they say we don’t want your broken parts. I’ve learned to be ashamed of all my scars . Run away, they say. No one will love you for who you are”. When I first heard the song my FGM or my fairy God Mother told me to listen to it, in my my own self preservation assumed it was because she saw me as damaged, which later in the journey revealed it was her admiration. My publisist, who will remain unnamed out of respect for her has the need to put me on Dancing with the Stars, which is dream of mine. But of course depending on popularity gained will determine that plan, as Ke$ha’s “This is Me” will be my personal discovery song. Which post journey afraid of the things that may be revealed, gave me the courage to say my infamous “fuck it “ mantra being 100% transparent about my journey and deny nothing as the lyric “I am brave, I am bruised, this is who I’m meant to be, this is me” gives me the courage to come clean with the whole ugly of life. Because it’s not about me anymore, it’s about everyone else who wants to truly say this is me, as now my back story along those who have trusted me to share theirs is my motivation to become a better version of me, but for everyone else. That Keala Settle portrays the bearded lady became the voice of her gang of misfits. Realizing that per journey where sexual harassments, assaults, and the bad things that happen in our world were a naive notion I developed. And the the story of the coyotes, the women of Coyote Ugly just play a role as the girls around the nation reveal, that this is a false perception. As their stories show the reality where discrimination, sexual harassment, and other misconceptions are the evils they face in their everyday lives.