Wronging the Rights in the Act of Revenge

Life is full of many moral slogans. Let go and let God, or Karma is a Bitch. But that Confucius quotes is best said when it comes the act of revenge, you dig two graves. And in the act of righting the wrongs, you end up wronging they rights at the same time. Pre journey I almost fell into the same trap, I called out everyone who had a positive effect and also the ones who did me wrong. Using both the summarized the back story. Reaching mid ending learning something very valuable lesson. That we all have a similar beginnings and that we all made similar mistakes that we all were crucified at one point and due to self preservation. I was about to do what I called everyone else, I was about to be a hypocrite. As I’m a huge Jennifer Lopez which is no secret. Post journey, I ended up being presented with her song “Limitless” which said everything that I identified that I was doing in the act of self preservation which could of turned into self sabotage. The beginning starts “ I couldn’t fight anymore. I wouldn’t lie anymore. All of truths that I couldn’t ignore. I wouldn’t fight in this war” was the self conflict that I with myself pre journey, confirming that everything I did, which has me rewrite the book now keeping everyone anonymous and using some backstories of others making them mine and using mine as some of there. To assure as I mention everyone deserves the right to redeem themselves as long as they earned it. Which in the process made me limitless. People will always debate that is not truth cause of the things that I have. Things are just things. They don’t make you who you are. But the reality is, with my writing, I ended up getting a opportunity of a published book that people discredited, which lead to a blog page, which ended up earning my strips, that afforded me an audience that I never expected. Those who see what I refuse to see is a writer with the ability to bring down every person who’s done her wrong down. This in the end defeats the purpose. Although now I talk about the settings where it took place. And those only involved would know the events as they were part of that moment in time. Which in the end, the crimes and injustices that were committed, should not be something that should crucify those who still haven’t done wrong, would still gain there moment of mercy as I too would without judgement defend them in the moment of shame when those as those willing to change deserve a voice, would allow them with their own leg work and effort to work towards their redemption with just being a voice of reason. As I’m only there to rationalize walking away when they show no appreciation or mutual respect , will allow them on the bed they made, still in a additional attempts after they work toward redemption until fate takes over. As in the journey shows with power comes responsibility regardless of the heartbreak I leave. As the game of revenge shows, that more than one person is affected by the acts of treacherous gain. And that those people are the ones that need to pick up the pieces you unintentionally left behind.

In this journey, as everything you come across those who perceiver and those who want things handed to them. Those with selfish motive which is a conditioned behavior of what social norms, the people on their lives, and what people think play a vital key what happens next. Those who devalue those individuals will always in their guilt dodge the feeling of guilt they held by saying I’m not responsible for actions that they have caused. The positive effects who perceiver become the makings of an inspiring tale, while those on the negative path will become a villain. In this positive form this characteristic, the person will push themselves to the absolute limit. Disregarding their overall emotional and physical well being. It always starts like this. But when you have a ticking clock that fate has nothing to do with, because those who endure this treatment driven now my vengeance or revenge, will do anything in their power to stop those from hindering their progress. Now playing victim, demonizing the person wrong, and in their desperation commit what I reference pull a Judas, only come around to see their progress just to use their unusual behaviors that they present which when not having a rational mind will end up being the tool that helps us pull in our self preservation defamation of character through their act to perceiver, what they perceive because already shown in prior interactions when someone they held close to their heart was degraded and devalued by the insecurities you have, and now faced with the person you unintentionally became, have been the villain that the reality with sincerity and transparency could of helped stop a bad thing from occurring. And based on other elements occurred and the time they have can determine if their struggle, which those passive aggressively hope more harm so they don’t make it, now in the form of envy and greed, the progress they made secretly hoping that they fall on their ass because the person you devalued proved to have more value than you under estimated, wishing they would just die (we all said that at one point about someone on our lives whether a child or adult) would of envious wrath. Some who gain negative courage will take action and stop.

The thing about someone who gains the power to perceiver will not stop. With nothing to lose they keep fighting. Which brings me to what I’m about to prove. That those who devalue others who prove to perceiver will use absolute power, which now mimicking the higher power will show a corrupt intent on stopping the character that everyone envy’s is perceiverence. It’s what separates people from being ordinary into being great, which in the form of artistic expression reveals in an inspiring story. The thing is we all have the ability to perceiver. In our small world, that when allowing the fates or higher powers to be,to do their job. Stepping into the different chapters in life, greater than the last one, the power to perceiver always had me misjudged by those who devalued it. At one point I’m time I took it personal. But now, being able to see the disappointments that came with their journey, it only makes me empathize even more. Those who devalue, even the almighty and powerful will reveal something when they meet their judgement. When death is knocking at your door, ready to take you with them, brings out the true fear and doubt of their live they lived to surface. And once the left for dead, bring the true character where family feuds start and those self righteous showing what they really think as greed and immoral intent surfaces having everyone sabotage each other in gaining materialistic values that were left behind. My ex-best friend told me that funerals were made for the living. It’s absolutely true. Grief is the overwhelming product of those guilty morn the lost of the ones they left behind. I’ve seen through history and through the deflecting during these first time interactions. As emotions cloud your judgement and reveal things that you won’t realize. I won’t go into the my personal loses that came in my maternal grandmothers loss and my paternal uncle and Godfathers loss and the characters I’ve seen at their funerals. Let’s just say this is what had me question people’s integrity. When being a attendee at a funeral, I can’t help but break down giving my condolences as empathy provides me the same grief their given. After these interactions, later on brings questions they have and some telling me I might have the powers of an empath. Maybe, who knows. That’s something that if it exist will be revealed. In the journey we meet many people, those who doubt and those who admire. But what happens when the works of the people we admire go unfinished. Both my maternal and paternal grandmother endured struggles that were left unfinished. Both being immigrants, they endured so much adversity that they stopped fighting saying it was too much.

My late uncle had unfinished business, always seeing the good in everyone and being knocked down by grace with health conditions his employer also preyed on, ended his life early. This also happened in my work life. I’ve seen so many people be pushed to the limits, showing signs of health complications being told that those were excuses, those were the lack of whatever behavior the boss tried to spin, and their own doing. When the truth was it was the pressures given tal those who didn’t want to get an understanding of. They were to important to care. Writing this book, I say I stress I don’t want to know what is gonna happen next. I’m leaving up to the fates. But what if through the collaboration of stories in my journey but others inspired someone, reveals a harsh reality, and in my power to perceiver ends my fate on things, someone refused to do the right thing, ends my fate. Because toxic mold syndrome, Lyme disease, and other complications left untreated will be diagnosed on the things that Medicaid and Medicare will get compensated for. And what those slowly and surely I’m shining an unintended light, will being a chain of events that starts as a domino effect tuned circle jerk, turn ripple effect will misconstrued my initial intention where everyone has the right to redemption and begin a game of revenge. Triggered by those who knew better, degrading those who see the truth. And those who neglect to see it out of self preservation, will end up playing victim. As the effect to their cause may be so catastrophic, someone who in good intention may possibly take someone’s life. And that hope for positive change that we all really want to see. As once again, in the act of self preservation victimizes those who do wrong, are now enabled in their bad behavior stemmed by fear from someone’s misinterpretation of what the morals of my writing are meant to reveal. Where accountability meant as a tool for improvement because in the flawed imperfect world when because of the mistakes we made is our end game and because not fitting social norms is not perfect. In the end, your adversities and flaws make you fucken perfect to me.

Published by Frieda Lopez at Frieda the Writer

Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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