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“When all bets are off and the only thing your fighting for is yourself, you have to build the courage to fight. Because you matter. In the end, win or lose and when you don’t beat yourself up, you gained something you never once had. You gained courage”

Frieda Lopez

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The Double Edge Sword of Society

The Conformity Behind Stereotyping and Discrimination One of the thing that I mention in my book “The Journey of an Unraveled Road” is that we all become someone’s stereotype, if we haven’t already been a stereotype to someone. Ironically enough the reality is that it is more frequent than we want to admit too. Although…

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Writing the Wrongs in Accountability

Here’s my early work on accountability. An oldie but a goodie

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Song of the Day

Beyonce – Listen In this day in age, we get silence, belittled, and told what path to go to reach a dream that is perceived to be the road to success. In my road it was full of unethical moral, things that were selfish, that when I refused to one day at Sprint was when…

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The absolutely truth is something we all should be weary about. Not everyone is emotional ready for it. In many cases, it’s not meant for them to know what you know. It’s not a disservice, it’s saving their sanity.

Frieda Lopez